Welcome to The Nylon Swish!

During nights out whilst being at university, I avoided tights at all costs and would wear suspenders and stockings whenever possible, although they were not the nicest pieces of lingerie that I could have bought as I was a broke student, they made me feel feminine and beautiful under clothes. However, I experienced disapproval from boyfriends due to them being ‘impossible to take off’; I would watch them with a heavy heart as they would cuss at the straps and fumble with the hook and eyes of the suspenders. I realised that men just thought of these garments as an annoying obstacle that they had to conquer before being able to access to my naked skin. As this sort of event became more and more common and these men’s attitudes gradually chipped away at my enthusiasm to wear elegant underwear, I eventually went back to plain t-shirt bras and any pair of knickers I could find. This was conducive to wearing jeans and sneakers during the day, and short dresses at night, along with tights. The feeling of tights has never appealed to me and I felt like a school child when the crotch would creep down my legs (I have very long legs and struggled to find long ones for years) and my legs would be constantly itchy.

In 2013 I rediscovered my love of stockings again, thanks to my boyfriend who has an absolute obsession with not just stockings but with nylons stockings. He has given me a large variety of stockings that’s he takes great pleasure in adorning me with. Wearing stockings and everything that comes with them has now become a pleasure; I know that they look more beautiful than tights, they feel like silk, they force me to wear longer, more modest, and in my opinion, more beautiful clothing, he loves to know what I am wearing under my dress or skirt and I get a kick out of knowing that nobody else knows.

For me, out of all the underwear that I own, I love my stockings the most. The foundation wear that I wear is beautiful and restricting and gives me a beautiful shape, but they need to be attached to a pair of stockings or they feel incomplete.

‘The Nylon Swish’ is dedicated to my newly rediscovered love for foundation wear mixed in with the outerwear I wear with it and maybe a bit of a flash now and then. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog entries and looking at my photos.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Nylon Swish!

  1. Huh, youngsters these days, don’t know they are born, lol. I am so glad that their lack of appreciation for all things beautiful has been reborn in someone as delightful as you. Your boyfriend is a star to whom I am grateful. With you by his side, I suspect that he knows that he is born, feels very much alive and loving every minute of being with you xx

  2. I’m really pleased you found someone to share your passions with and found your way. I would like to add for anybody else reading, please be yourself don’t let other peoples opinions get in the way of being who you truly are.

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