Bullet Bra vs. Modern Bra

Previous to trying a bullet bra on, the idea of having two cone shaped breasts emerging from my chest was a scary thought! I hadn’t seen any other women out in public with a bust that emulated the famous ‘Sweater Girl’ image and had only seen this shape in old movies or photos. However, after trying one one, I changed my mind.

The bullet bra for me, has to be the most comfortable and supportive type of bra that I have ever worn. The breasts rest higher than they would with a normal t-shirt style bra, the conical shape of the bra cups forces that the underside of the breast to point upwards rather than sitting curved.

The lack of under wiring means that when I get home from work and take my bullet bra off, I don’t have an achy rib cage or breasts that feel mauled. I don’t know about you ladies, but I nearly always get home and whip off my bra as soon as I walk through the door. With a bullet bra, I am quite happy to wear it all day.

I have included some photos of me in both a modern bra and a bullet bra, with and without outerwear.

The modern bra is by Ted Baker, the bullet bra is the ‘Cabaret’ bullet bra by What Katie Did – Click here to see in on the WKD website.

First up is the Ted Baker bra:Image


I want to emphasise that I do not think this type of bra is bad or ugly, It is just a personal preference. The Ted Baker bra gives a curved shape that the majority of modern women are used to seeing and having.



The shape that the Ted Baker bra creates is inoffensive but in my opinion quite boring. It does not flatter an outfit. I always think that it’s a shame when I see a woman who has obviously made the effort to look vintage and then she has breasts in the same shape as above, for me that can ruin an outfit.

Up next is the What Katie Did bullet bra:



(Apologies for the nipple flash)

What Katie Did supply cones that can be placed in the bra to create a different shape but I prefer the extreme look of pointy breasts.



Personally, I prefer the look of the bullet bra, it makes an outfit look instantly more retro and creates a more extreme shape (which I favour).

I would LOVE to see some pictures of other ladies wearing their bullet bras, so feel free to send me links of yourselves!


5 thoughts on “Bullet Bra vs. Modern Bra

  1. What sizes of WKD and regular bra are these? What is your normal fitted +0 size?

    I was curious about both WKD bras and Target bras, but my wife wears either a 34G or 32GG depending on the day (+0, British bra sizing) and I don’t know how that would translate.

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  3. I have never cared for the “melon” look of what women have been wearing for several years now. That is not natural if you ask me.

    Of course, I was a teen in the late 1950’s so to me the What Katy Did is the appearance I grew up with and so it seems normal to me.

    You look very lovely both ways but I suspect the wireless underwear is healthier. That wire pressing on the lymph glands has been implicated in breast cancer. I think that is how I landed on your page. It had something to do with the underwire vs wire free and it mentioned the bullet bra was wire free. Anyway, my sister trashed all her wired bras when we did research after our mom got breast cancer. I’ll have to let her know about What Katy Did so she can ponder if she wants to buy from them.

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