Berlei Advertising

I recently discovered some old Berlei advertisements on the ASO website spanning from as early as 1920 to 1968. These adverts are displaying their range of foundation garments and in some of them, the effect this underwear has on the outerwear worn with it.

Video 1‘Berlei Underwear Cinema Advertisement: Sarong (1950)’

The clip description is as follows:

A woman in a dress dances to cocktail music as a female voice-over explains the features of the ‘Sarong’ girdle the woman is wearing beneath her clothes. The action freezes as the camera zooms in and ‘sees through’ the woman’s outer clothing to reveal the girdle and how comfortable, flexible and flattering it is.

I like this adverts because it is straight to the point – the ‘x-ray’ shows the ‘Sarong’ girdle and how it works, the design is very easy to understand and it promotes the comfort of the product. I think that a lot of woman imagine that girdles are cumbersome and uncomfortable, but this shows exactly why it is comfortable to wear.

berlie dance sarong

Video 2‘Berlei Corsets: beautiful Lines of Woman Triumphant (1920)’

The second video that I really liked was one from thirty years earlier. This advertisement has a completely different style, the description is below:

Two women dressed in dark underwear, silk stockings and shoes model two styles of Berlei corsetry. They stand on raised platforms in front of a plain backdrop, the larger space of the studio visible beyond it. They turn, step down from their platforms, link hands and walk back towards to the camera. The woman on the left comes forward, does a full turn, poses, turns again and walks back. The woman on the right mirrors the first woman, and similarly models her corset. This is followed by the women modelling their undergarments in single shot.

this video is interesting because, very much like the first video, it does not show the women’s naked flesh (apart from the arms). Both women are wearing underwear under their foundation wear that extends down to their stocking tops. The stockings themselves are obviously a high denier to show as little as possible. I really like this video because it lets the garments speak for themselves, there is no voice-over or catchy statement, the underwear speaks for itself. In addition to this, the women are extremely demure.

berlei corsets

There are a few other videos on the website that are definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!


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