14 straps are better than 4

I have to admit that I am in no way a fan of suspender belts. I don’t think that they are as comfortable or as flattering as girdles and they don’t look retro enough for me. they cut my body in half where I really don’t need to be cut in half, meaning that I get multiple belly and hip bulges, that is not necessary or attractive. I also don’t want to wear them really high because I like the straps to lay flat on my upper thighs rather than starting above my hips. Whenever given the choice, I would always opt for a girdle, and the longer, the better.


…there are suspender belts and there are fourteen strap suspender belts.

One Christmas present that I received this year was this girdle. Oh yes.

Although I could do without the bows that are attached to the top of each strap, this suspender belt is very comfortable and looks excellent! My stockings stay up so well and sit really straight. I am now looking to get some of my girdles customised so that I can turn them from 4 or 6 strappers to 14 strappers.

Below are a few photos of me in this new garment, I am of course taking my clothes off in a public place, again.







5 thoughts on “14 straps are better than 4

  1. Superb photos of a Beautiful young Lady that knows how to look Stunning. I agree that the more straps the better they hold up the stockings perfectly.

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