Be a sex kitten on Valentine’s night

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Valentine’s day – Choose your underwear wisely

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I have noticed, in some blogs, that many women are opting for lingerie from designers such as Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret. This makes me sad. A basque from Agent Provocateur may look sexy and classy on a heavily made-up, slim model who has been photo-shopped to excess, but in reality, most women do not have a body like the photo I have posted below. These items provide absolutely zero support and are in no way flattering, cost a small fortune and to top it off, they are usually not practical to wear anywhere other than in the bedroom. I have selected one piece that seems to encompass many of the garments that I have seen around the internet; take a look at this Victoria’s Secret Mesh and lace garter slip below:


Only a small chested woman could wear this and not feel self-conscious about the location of her breasts in relation to her navel. In fact the only cup sizes available for this item are A, B, C and D. The cups are pretty and would suit many girls but for myself, I much prefer structured bras such as the bullet bra or ‘cross your heart’ style bras by manufacturers such as Playtex.

Then there is the mesh part of this garter slip, I am failing to see the benefit of this section of the slip, it most certainly will do nothing for a woman’s figure, it wont pull anyone’s waist in and it certainly won’t emphasise the womanly hips that many of us have.

The suspender straps, they are detachable… Suspender straps should not be detachable, ever! But, at least there are straps there, so credit where credit is due, however, one of my pet hates about modern suspender belts or anything with straps on is that the designers feel the need to hide the little clips that are used to clip onto the stockings. Why they want to hide this is beyond me, I think they look beautiful and should be shown.

The tacky cherry on the cake for me is the overall look; it is red because for some reason red is sexy, in whose opinion? Men’s? I could also really do without the fluffy white bows on the front, I’m not a bow person generally but these are a little OTT.

These pieces of lingerie are being strongly marketed for Valentine’s day. Don’t do it ladies, choose something a lot more flattering, classy and that you can wear in and out of the bedroom. My preferred alternative would be the What Katie Did Glamour Corselette:

wkd corselette

I own this item in black and it has to be one of my favourite pieces:

insta corselette

This corselette is by no means easy to get into, if I need to get into it alone, I can usually shoehorn my way into it but it isn’t the most elegant sight. I usually enlist the help of my willing boyfriend to squeeze me in to this strong yet beautiful item. Once you are in and clipped up, it will give you the most most beautiful figure; breasts will be held up like they once were (oh to be 16 again!), the stomach will be smoothed out as if by magic and the waist, much more defined. This item is perfect to wear under a tight fitting dress, or any other outerwear you feel like, and I can guarantee that you will feel like a sex kitten all day. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something like this out during the day, it is a perfect seduction outfit for the bedroom. My only advice would be to ask your partner to help remove it when needed as, if it isn’t elegant to put on, it is equally elegant to take off.

I have posted some pictures of my stunning friend who models under the name Anna Mei. She is wearing such an item as the one just described. I dare you to say that she doesn’t look more beautiful, sexy and elegant than the Victoria’s Secret model.

Please check out her facebook page and follow her!




So to conclude, if you want to look glamorously sexy on Valentine’s night, or any other night, choose shapewear and dress to impress!