Less is less!

During my lunch break, I walked around the shopping center next to my office. There are some very average shops there but I like to get away from my desk and try to not think about work for a little bit. I walked past one very mainstream shop and saw this:

top from shopping centre

Now, I am by no means a prude but holy shit, is this what the youth is wearing these days?? I have a Rago long-line bra that covers more skin than this! Check out a sample of my big underwear here.

I personally think that women who dress modestly are a lot sexier than those who let their breasts spill out of their clothes like this.

It’s just my opinion, but maybe I’m getting old…


One thought on “Less is less!

  1. So true, less leaves more to the imagination. Not dissimilar to a candy wrapper, might I add. If one looks delicious on the outside, just imagine the wonders of unwrapping the beauty that lies beneath xx

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