Be a sex kitten on Valentine’s night

Seeing as Valentine’s day is imminent, it seemed appropriate to write a post about the perfect date dress and shapewear to wear with it.

I am a huge fan of shapewear, vintage or faux-vintage, so long as it pulls my tummy in, pushes my breasts back up to where they were 10 years ago, accentuates my hips, nips in my waist and allows me to wear stockings, I am a happy lady. This sounds like too much to ask for a single piece of underwear doesn’t it? Well it’s not, it is extremely easy to achieve if you know how.

Before I show you how to accentuate your body and compliment your chosen dress, I just want to share with you how I would look if I wore ‘modern underwear’ with my dress, which is the Jessica dress in vintage red from Pin up Girl Clothing.


And this is how I would look if I wore my dress without the right underwear:


It could look better couldn’t it? And the underwear itself is hardly alluring. Something that has puzzled me for a while is that many women invest a lot of energy and money into getting the vintage look that they desire, yet many of these ladies put zero effort into their underwear. For me, the correct underwear is the foundation for all outfits. I partly blame modern fashion for incorporating stretch fabrics into their designs and making baggy dresses fashionable, there is no need to wear a corselette with a parachute dress, for example. However if you are going for the vintage or retro look, it is most certainly worth investing in a few items to wear with the tight fitting dresses or skirts.

If I had to keep only three items from my underwear selection, I would choose a corselette, a girdle and a circular stitched bra such as the bullet bra. These three garments would be enough to give me the figure I needed to obtain the body shape that I wanted.

Shapewear is something that I am passionate about and I think that it’s a real shame that women in the 21st century do not take as much pride in their underwear as women from the 1940s or 1950s would, for example.

Below are a couple of images of me in my much loved What Katie Did corselette:



And this is how my dress looks with the corselette underneath:

ACE_8611 ACE_8617

In my opinion, that is a vast improvement. The other improvement is that I can wear stockings with this shapewear, which makes me very happy!

Even if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s, dress up and go out with your girlfriends, I can 100% guarantee that you will look and feel like a sex kitten all night.


This blog entry can also be found on my good friend’s own blog which can be found here.

Her facebook page is also worth a bang!

Betty Le Bonbon sells beautifully made circle skirts, both prêt-à-porter and custom made to fit your body perfectly!

2 thoughts on “Be a sex kitten on Valentine’s night

  1. Forgive me, you had breasts 10 years ago? You still look hot without the corselette, your point with, is made to visionary perfection. You are now promoted and present as a gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated sex kitten. I go weak at the knees xx

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