No SPANX you very much!

I have noticed that many celebrity women are wearing Spanx at the moment. I can understand if these ladies are performing on stage and need comfortable underwear that keeps them looking BANG TIDY at all times but really, if they are wearing them on a day to day basis, there are other options that look and feel a lot better than flimsy, ugly Spanx! I don’t like seeing celebrities in these garments because other girls look up to them and think “if these famous women are wearing them then I should wear them if I wan’t to look that good”. No, if you want to look good, or even better than these celebrities, then GET SOME GOOD SHAPEWEAR!

Replica and genuine vintage underwear can be pricey but even a couple of items can help you to look your best. Plus if you are going to flash your underwear, make sure it looks more glamorous than this:kkspanx

I think we would all prefer to see this sort of flashing:

meredith 2 meredith

This lovely lady is Meredith Russell who is modelling the very cool book circle skirt by Betty Le Bonbon (photographs by AMK Photography).

I genuinely don’t think that it is worth buying anything that resembles Spanx, they are neither effective nor beautiful. And again, how are you going to wear stockings with a piece of Spanx ‘shapewear’???


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