Me, flashing, again…

Today, I am wearing the Playtex inspired ‘Cross Your Heart’ bra from Target, a Marcel Worth girdle, my bargain nude stockings, also from Target, and a slip that I purchased from a big department store over here called MYERS.

Bra – 20 AUD

Girdle – 60 AUD

Slip – 20 AUD

Stockings – 6 AUD

I’m not showing my face in these photos because I wasn’t wearing any makeup at the time and I had just woken up. I don’t want to scare anyone away! I am also pulling my slip tight, I didn’t buy it 5 sizes too small 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


4 thoughts on “Me, flashing, again…

  1. Stockings and a girdle, a bra that supports the breasts in their natural shape instead of squishing them together into twin spheres and a slip, I thought I was the only girl my age who knew what a slip even was! All worn under a pretty, feminine casual dress. Perfect. I don’t know why so many women just don’t get that we look our very best when we dress like proper ladies.

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