They’re everywhere! Just look!

Hello again, stocking wearing ladies and gentlemen (yes I know you exist)!

I found another pair of stockings lurking in a horrible lingerie shop that I was rooting through the other day. I managed to locate a lovely pair of nude Levante stockings that fit me perfectly and look lush. The colour is good, the tops are wide enough for the top of my thighs and despite not being real nylons, feel comfortable and luxurious. the only thing I’m not keen on in the zig-zag/ diamond motif…I like my stocking tops to look clean and have no fuss. However, the good thing about the motif is that I know which ones they are after I have hand-washed them!

The price was more than double the Target stockings, these ones came in at 12.95 AUD but I’m pretty sure that I could find these on the internet for a lot less.


Here is a picture of my flashing on the train:

blog today

So, there you have it, another high-street stocking find



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