Vintage stockings found in the Blue Mountains!

This weekend we went to the Blue Mountains, in the hope of going on a long walk. Unfortunately, we also discovered an antique shop, that contained a vintage section… The walk didn’t happen.

There was a pile of vintage stockings in this shop and luckily for me, there were a few that fit! I’m so happy to have found genuine vintage stockings that actually fit my long legs, this rarely happens. The best part is that they were only 5 AUD each!

The lovely thing about vintage nylons is that they are extremely durable. If any of you have owned a paid of modern Gios, you will be well aware that their stockings are like tissue paper – You have to be extremely careful with them or they snag. These stockings however have a completely different feel, they are hard wearing and designed to last. It’s important to remember that women during the 30s/ 40s/ 50s/ 60s would have had to wear stockings on a daily basis, it was considered indecent to not wear anything on your legs. These women were busy working ladies, and during the wars, they were taking on more and more of the mens’ jobs. These things were designed to last!

The other thing worth noting is that these stockings come up very short on me, just above the knee. This indicates that they were probably from the 40s or early 50s. As the skirts got higher, so did the stockings.

These beautiful RHTs are very strong, as you can see from the close-up of the material. I love it when stockings have their logo stamped on the welt! The stocking top is stretchy whereas the stocking itself is not stretchy in the slightest.

set one


These are also RHTs but they are extremely soft to the touch. Again, these are only stretchy on the top.set 2


This pair…wow…I now have three packs of these. I have never seen stockings in this colour, I LOVE them! When I tried them on, they were not this vibrant but look great. Again, these only have stretch tops, but the interesting thing to note about this pair is that they have a point at the top of the welt. If anyone knows why they might have been designed like this, I would love to know. My guess is that it is longer to allow the stocking to go up higher at the front of the leg for shorted straps, but I really have no idea.

set trois

set  three


set 3

This pair is very interesting. The entire stocking is stretchy and the welts are very thin. These also go further up my leg than the others. This, combined with the packaging indicated that they were from the mid 60s. They were obviously higher to allow for a shorter skirt and the thinner welts would have minimised the risk of a stocking top flash.

set 4

set quatre

set four

Sydney, you have been good to me!


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