How to be a stockings ‘snag-free’ zone

I adore stockings. I love looking at them, wearing them, seeing other people in them, I love everything about them.

Imagine the following; you have been thinking about how you really need a new pair of stockings for that special occasion that’s coming up, so you go to the Gio website and spend much longer than necessary trawling through the endless pages of stockings. After a while you settle on those beautifully glossy, bronze, fully-fashioned, Cuban heeled stockings, you head to the checkout and pay for your item, all the while justifying why you NEED to spend that amount of money on stockings. You wait patiently for a few days for them to arrive. Your parcel arrives just in time of Saturday night, which is the scheduled big night out. You have selected your dress and your shoes, your hair and make-up is all done, time to crack open the new pack of Gios and get your stockings on. So you pull out the luscious thin pieces of nylon and place your foot into the stocking, you pull it up your leg and BAM! YOU HAVE SNAGGED YOUR STOCKING! Your outfit is ruined and you are upset for the rest of the evening. And when I say ‘you’, what I really mean is ‘me’, because this sort of thing still happens to me, and it’s heart-breaking.

I have really had to learn how to become a ‘snag-free zone’.


I have really think flaky nails which break and get chipped and just generally do they own thing. I have previously reached down to scratch my leg, only to catch a sharp fingernail on my stocking and laddered the hell out of it. My solution is to keep my nails short and smooth, I also get acrylic nails put on from time to time because that makes my hands a guaranteed ‘snag-free zone’, but be aware that this will damage your nails in the long-run. Also note that sharp rings can snag your nylons, in this case, just learn to be aware of where you are putting your hands, it doesn’t take long to become conscientious.


Whoever invented the mighty ‘Ped-Egg‘ deserves a bit wet snog as far as I’m concerned. I spend about 5-10 mins, 3-4 times a week, grating away at my feet to make sure that there are no rough edges, because trust me, if you don’t ladder your stockings while putting them on, you will certainly ladder them when taking them off, if you have ANY bits of dead skin on your feet. I find that it is best to soak my feet in hot water for a while before attacking them with my ped-egg. Also, what applies to your finger nails also applies to your toenails, short, neat and tidy.

I’m not going to advise you to cover your feet in petroleum jelly, then put on socks and go to work all day with slippy feet as other people do, mainly because it’s gross. Trust me, I’ve tried it.


Awww, what a lovely puppy! Awww *puppy jumps up onto legs and shreds stockings*  – I love puppies but I love my stockings more. The same applies to cats, possums, rabbits or anything else that has claws.


When I started wearing stockings, I used to shred them after only one wear, this was because I was walking around like I was wearing a $2 pair of tights. I would bump into things, scratch my own leg with a shoe, brush my handbag against my leg, etc. I have just had to learn to think about more movements a bit more, I now get about 7-10 days wear out of my stockings.


I love Gios, they are bloody fabulous and soft and if I could afford to wear them every day I would, but I cant. I choose to wear different types of stockings on different occasions. If you think about the ladies in the 30s/40s/50s etc. who were wearing nylons every day, at home, looking after the children, at work, during the war, there is no way that they would have worn delicate, thin Gio-like nylons. If you get the opportunity to touch a vintage nylon, you will soon discover that they are very thick and coarse, but also extremely strong. So, think about where you are going and what you are likely to be doing. I tend to favour Cervins if I want to war nylons but am intending to be quite active, or I will wear something like Levante‘s stretch stockings, that way if I do run into a particularly snaggy cat, it doesn’t matter as much. However, I will wear Gios if I am going out and want my legs to look like glass and also to feel a bit more glamourous.

I hope this helps you to avoid disappointment!




5 thoughts on “How to be a stockings ‘snag-free’ zone

  1. Don’t forget the snags from bracelets and be sure to buy and wear hosiery gloves when putting on your stockings. Love your choices of stockings – Eleganti are also a brand worth a mention xx

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