Ask me anything! First question!

As I mentioned a while ago, I have set up an ‘ask me anything!’ page where you can, as the name suggests, ask me anything! You may have a question about stocking sizes or where to buy the best piece of shapewear for a particular outfit or occasion; please feel free to submit your questions here.

Which leads me to my first question!

This is a chicken/egg question.Do you think that the poor availability and quality of lingerie with suspenders, notably the crappy plastic narrow suspenders that come on Elle McPherson’s range for instance and the limited availability stockings have contributed to the decline in stocking wearers or do you think the decline in consumer demand is reflected in the range held in shops such as Myers?

This is a brilliant question! I think that it is a bit of both. Stockings went out of fashion and were no longer a daily necessity after the invention of the miniskirt, which subsequently lead to the invention of tights. Young women gravitated towards new fashions and absolutely did not want to look like their mothers, in their outdated girdles!

With the revival of burlesque, many women have gone back to wearing stockings, but mostly on special occasions. Stockings seem to be something that women choose to wear in order to look sexy rather than for practicality. This means that they are mostly worn in the bedroom and therefore do not need to be held up by anything strong. The flimsy straps that you are referring to are mostly decorative and if you were to wear them outside, your stockings would undoubtedly end up around your ankles after a few steps! This has also lead to the decline of nylon manufacturers, as lycra stockings seem to be more that enough for the modern woman. I think that shops are providing what the consumer knows, mostly because many women do not know anything about strong, structured foundations, which is a real shame in my opinion.

I would fully recommend buying suspension with wide straps, in fact the wider the better!


3 thoughts on “Ask me anything! First question!

  1. I’m an old man. I used to know Elmer Batters. I remember the year 1969 when pantyhose was launched on the market. The saddest event of my life. Before that I could sit on a bench a whole day and watch all those Dutch women on their bycicles showing their garters for everyone to see. Life was great. The world was a happy place. Sitting in a movietheater one could hear the sound of stockings constantly. A concert for my ears. I wish I could go back in time.

  2. I agree with and everything that you said but feel there are also many other factors that have contributed to the decline of stockings. I think won of the biggest reasons is just plain laziness. Most women today don’t even wear hose let alone stockings and garter belts. Then their is the change in fashion itself. Tighter more clingy fabrics and shorter hemlines also make stockings far less practical. Even the stockings themselves which are made of lycra and other stretchy materials which probably require more than those cheap bedroom garter belts. A good garter belt on the other hand will cost quite a bit more, adds bulk, and takes more time than say simple pair of hose or hold ups. Its the age of instant gratification.

    Regardless its really quite sad. I think most women have lost site of the fact then there is more to a garter belt and stockings than the sum of their parts. I would guess that the majority of men find garters and stockings, i mean real garters and stockings to be a turn on. Its about beauty and intrigue, the artistry in watching a woman put them on or take them off, or the mystique of those tiny bumps under a skirt, or a glimpse of the top of stocking. Its making a man feel special by taking a little extra time to do something special for him.

    What i find most perplexing though is the practicality of stockings. Stockings seem in my opinion to be far more practical than hose.

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