Stripping in the corridor

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8 thoughts on “Stripping in the corridor

  1. Fiction:
    I never thought of myself as a stalker, but when I came returned to my hotel after my meeting and spied her at the reception table for her convention, I dropped my briefcase and just stood there gaping at her. I thought immediately of Hugh Hefner’s new magazine (Playtime, or some such) because she should have graced the cover instead of Marilyn Monroe. People were walking around me so I sat in one of the lobby chairs and asked a nearby bellboy what was going on.

    “A convention sir,” he replied. “Ladies Lingerie for 1955.”

    After he went away, I watched her sign in the conventioneers, greeting each of the men with a million candlepower smile, turning and swishing in her green pleated a-line skirt and glancing at them over her shoulder. So yes, I became a stalker. Once the keynote speaker began inside the ballroom, my two-tone green angel left the desk and entered the elevator. As did I.

    I followed her down the hall and made a note of the room she entered, intending to find some reason to knock on her door. But she was way ahead of me. To my complete surprise, she came back out of her room and stood in the hallway, staring at me with a look of serene indifference, as though I were less than the bellboy.

    And she fluffed out her skirt into wings, gracing her thighs like green clouds.

    And she turned, capturing me complete with just a glance over her right shoulder.

    And she placed her hand on the front of her skirt, and…well, I dropped my briefcase again. When she raised her skirt and I caught sight of her garter holding up her stocking, I noticed I’d been holding my breath. My corridor angel then began a slow, sensual striptease, just like Lili St. Cyr, and I was amazed and frightened and incredibly sexed up to think that she was showing me her underthings right there in the hallway.

    Just as I was about to walk toward her, she shed her skirt and top completely and revealed the most tantalizing all-in-one girdle, which bound her and clothed her at the same time. She was the most lovely woman I had ever seen. And the girdle framed her delicious curves so erotically that I knew I was in for the most erotic night of my life. And then she turn to show me her derriere. And then she spoke.

    “This is a Rago special all-in-one, sir, perfect for that firm feeling under evening wear or at the secretarial pool. It comes in black, as you see here, maroon or teal, and is available for $11.00 at the convention desk in the main lobby. When you go there, tell the sales girl to mark ‘Elilnor’ in the space indicating the presentation model on whom you saw the item. Thank you for your interest and I hope your wife enjoys it.”

    With that, Elinor gave me one more view of her supple derriere, picked up her clothes and went back in the room. And I went down to the lobby to purchase a Rago special all-in-one. And I don’t have a wife.

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