Shapewear around the world – EAST ASIA

Last year, I went to Thailand for a holiday. On the very first evening, as I was walking through the endless stalls of the night market, I came across a pile of padded knickers, with the rear section moulded into the shape of two perfectly round cheeks. I had never seen these before and initially, I thought they were ridiculous.

3pcs-lot-Sexy-Panty-Knickers-Buttock-Backside-Silicone-font-b-Bum-b-font-Padded-Butt-Enhancer 3174fJEM3hL._SY445_The idea of shapewear is to hide a woman’s ‘problem areas’ and emphasise the best parts of her body.  Therefore, padded knickers make complete sense. Where I would be looking to reduce my waist to a size that is not natural , these Asian ladies are looking to increase the size of their bottoms, it is exactly the same concept as wearing a padded bra. Thinking about it now, if I hadn’t been blessed with such a large backside, I probably would own a few pairs of those padded myself knickers too!

One item that continuously popped up while I was doing some research was the Bamboo Fiber Magic slimming beauty underwear‘. It is quite an impressive piece of engineering:


This is basically a full body shaper with some targeted reinforcements, predominantly around the waist but also the back and legs. the bum area is shaped as well.  I really like that it is crotch-less, which is practical and … rude in a good way 🙂

Structured knickers seem to be big in Asia, which I love, they remind me of old fashioned girdles! Asian ladies are no different to ladies all over the world, they want a flat stomach and they will get a goddamn flat stomach! I love the look of these and will buy some as soon as I can find something even remotely close to my size.

china jn





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