Ask me anything! New question!

Hello! I love your blog and have two main questions for you.

Firstly, I am just delving into the wonderful world of stockings and want to get my first pair of nylons, but I have very ample thighs and if they don’t stretch, I’m wondering if they’ll even fit, especially as I think you’re not meant to size up too much (annoyingly I have small feet haha!)

Secondly, I’d love to get a corselette and am tossing up between the Rago one you have and the What Katie Did one. Which would you prefer? How do they fit (true to size?), is one easier to get on/off than the other, comfort factor etc etc?

Thanks so much for your help 🙂

Hi! Thanks for your great questions.

To give you a bit of background, the reason that a lot of nylons do not stretch is because nylon, unlike the material used for tights/ pantyhose does not contain lycra. Fully fashioned stockings were and still are cut flat and sewn together, which is what the seam is for. This later evolved to RHTs (reinforced heel and toe) where the stockings were knitted in a circular shape, around a leg shaped barrel. The yarn is not stretchy but depending on the knit, there is some give but not very much to be honest.

I myself have a circumference of 22.5 inches around the largest part of my thigh. I sometimes have a hard time with nylons because they can be inconsistent in their length and sizing and, as you can tell from my measurements, I do not have svelte thighs. So, I get around this issue in the following manners:

  • Know your brands. I have suffered through many a tight stocking so can recommend the right ones for ladies with larger thighs: (I am 5’11” and always order the longest and biggest sizes)

o   Touchable – these are LONG stockings but they tend to have a larger welt – these are my favourite with regards to comfort.

o   Cervin – These come to about mid-thigh and are not reliable with regards to circumference, I have ordered one pair that fit like a dream and when I ordered another pair, in exactly the same size, style and colour, and they were too small. They are a French brand where ladies seem to have stick legs, well according to their stockings anyway.

o   Eleganti – Mid-thigh length again and they seem to fit pretty well. However, if you are happy with only one wear, two wears if you’re careful then great, these are not hard wearing stockings.

o   Gio – These are LONG on me, in fact I own one pair that I can pull over my bum. Gios are also very comfortable and have a lot of leg room in the welt.

o   What Katie Did – I would recommend her fully fashioned stockings (Sorry Katie, I don’t like your other stockings) because they are quite large, and a really nice length as well.

  • The general rule is, the longer the stocking, the larger the circumference of the stocking. If you are worried about having small feet, I would say that this gives you the opportunity to have a more visible stocking heel as it will come up higher on your leg. This is by no mean a bad thing 😉
  • Find mixed stockings on ebay or other sites that sell vintage nylons. I own a dozen pairs of vintage, Cuban heeled nylon stockings that are non-stretch apart from the welt, which is completely stretchy. These nylons are the nicest and the most beautiful nylons I have ever had the pleasure of slipping my legs into.

Unfortunately, what you really need to do is you need to try a few brands out and if you find a good one, stick with them.

With regards to the corselettes, I would recommend both equally in terms of the look, however I would say that the What Katie Did version is a lot easier to get into. If you have a partner/ housemate who can help yank them up into place, then I would say just go with the one you think looks the nicest.

What Katie Did

What Katie Did





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