How to be a sweater girl!

Have you ever looked at ladies from mid-century movies and exclaimed, ‘holy moley, that girl has amazing pointy breasts!’?

I have and I get boob envy every time I see them. There is no better way of accentuating your vintage dresses than wearing a bullet bra. Ladies didn’t have round breasts back then, because they simply did not wear t-shirt bras.

If you would like to try out the casual ‘sweater girl’ look, as modeled by Jayne Mansfield, I will show you how. And remember ladies, foundations are the key to a successful vintage look.

jayne mansfield


I would suggest What Katie Did‘s padded bullet bra for ladies with small breasts, but I wouldn’t blame you if it took you a while to warm up to the idea of going out in public with your extra pointy bazookas.


For the ladies with a heavier chest, I would suggest a non-padded version of the bullet bra, for example the Harlow bullet bra by What Katie Did:


With this outfit, I would recommend high-waisted knickers to draw the waist in. Nipping the waist is just as important as wearing the correct bra as it will further accentuate the chest. For this I would suggest extra firm control knickers from Rago:



Jayne is wearing a very simple white, long-sleeved turtleneck sweater, which can be found easily in many department stores and even supermarkets. The one I have selected here is from Target and costs only $20.


Finally, you need to select the jeans. Freddies of Pinewood do some gorgeous jeans, based on original 1940s/ 1950s designs. For this look I have selected the Clash by Night Jeans, casual but fabulous!



All you need to do now is throw your hair in curlers and strike a pose! Enjoy looking like an original sweater girl!


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