This is how strong I like my nylons to be!

I love this video! Have you ever watched a TV show called ‘MythBusters‘? I feel like this is a very early version of that show, where they take myths, sayings or beliefs and test them out. In this video from 1956 and lady and a gentleman are testing the robustness of a nylon stocking, through various extreme methods, such as towing a car with a single stocking!

I don’t believe that nylons should be an item of luxury, I think they should be as readily available as tights are these days, and not only that, but they should also be STRONG! Women used to wear stockings on a daily basis whilst going about their business (including working in factories during the war) and could not afford to wear a pair once and throw them away because they were snagged or laddered.

Long live the nylon stocking!

Click on the image to be redirected to Youtube

nylon test


2 thoughts on “This is how strong I like my nylons to be!

  1. Omg, where do I get a pair of those? Vintage stockings do hold up to daily wear much better than modern stockings, but indestructible stockings would be even better. I agree that stockings should be worn daily, a lady should always let her boyfriend or husband buy them for her, and I’ll go one step better and say they should be readily available INSTEAD OF tights. 🙂

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