Ask me anything! New question!

Hi darling, 

I’m enamored of your Instagram. I love how wonderfully classy your nylons look. I want to start wearing them for work (office), going out, sexy time with my girlfriend :). Basically I want the basics. Start with something comfortable maybe. It would really mean the world to me if you can recommend some shapewear too;) 

Thank you for your time doll♡♡

Hi! Thanks for your question! It’s great to hear that another person wants to wear the good stuff!

For day-to-day wear, I would recommend stretch stockings. These are less fragile than nylons and are generally a lot cheaper too; you can also choose between a seam or no seam.

I would recommend the following stretch stockings for day-to-day wear:

Cervin Nymphe traditional crepe stretch RHT stockings

Levante Vanessa diamond top stockings

If you want a slightly more expensive pair, these ones are very robust, and come in some lovely colours:

Cervin Capri 15 non-stretch RHT stockings

Cervin Seduction Bicolore non-stretch seamed stockings

As for shapewear, it completely depends on how firm you want the garments to be. If you are looking for day-to-day wear, you can’t go wrong with a simple girdle. If you click here, you can see five girdles that I recommend for daily wear.

If you want to sex it up, I would recommend anything from What Katie Did. I really love the Glamour collection.

Let me know if you need anything else!



One thought on “Ask me anything! New question!

  1. Thank you so much lovely. This information really means a lot coming from someone like yourself.
    I will start shopping around and tag you on IG when I’m ready:)
    You are a doll!

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