Shapewear around the world – RUSSIA!

When I first started to think about Russian shapewear, I stupidly thought that they wouldn’t have anything good. The images of Russian ladies that I have seen have all been of tall, flawless women, without even an ounce of fat on their slender frames. I was mistaken, the Russians do also have bodily problem areas despite the photographs that I have been bombarded with over the past few years.

Upon first inspection, the shapewear seemed to look like most modern shaping garments that we are all familiar with. However, one thing I began to notice was that the Russians like their shapewear with added bling!

If you go into any department store and look for foundation wear, you will notice that the colours of the items are predominantly beige/ flesh coloured or black. Seeing as these pieces of underwear are designed to be worn under outerwear, there is no real reason why they shouldn’t be colourful or pretty like other types of underwear are.

Below, I have taken some standard shapewear and compared them to Russian pieces:

I really like this Russian piece, the flowers on the fabric remind me of vintage girdles.


This grey piece is so intricate and beautiful! Everything from the fabric, to the paneling, to the lace up front, is just pretty.


The great thing about these pieces is that they make going to the bathroom a lot easier than other pieces with a closed crotch. And look at her cleavage!


This blue body briefer is stunning! I’m so tempted to get one for myself. It’s much nicer than the usual boring smooth pieces that I am more familiar with seeing.


Here is a close-up of the detail, it’s such a shame that this garment will be hidden away, I feel like it should be on show!


If you would like to invest in some pretty shapewear, head over to Ideal Forms.





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