Silky smooth knit stockings review

I am always looking for a good quality pair of stockings that I can wear on a daily basis and not get upset when I inevitably snag of ladder them.

Today’s stockings are Silky Smooth Knit stockings – large size


Let me start with the most important bit, the price:


For that price, it wouldn’t matter if you snagged a pair a day!

So what do you get for your money?

Well, in terms of length, for me they are spot on. I would say that they would probably be a little bit long for ladies on the smaller side, but it totally depends on how long you like your stockings.They are stretchy which means that you don’t need to worry about foot size. You don’t need to choose a size with these anyway, they are a one size fits all type of stocking.

How do they feel? They are very comfortable, in fact I would say even a little bit cosy! I can definitely feel they these are cheap stockings as they are a little rough, but there again, I regularly wear beautiful, luxurious nylon stockings, that just can’t be topped. They remind me a little of tights in the way that they go on and feel on my skin but for the price, I can’t say that I care.

How robust are they? I haven’t snagged them once today so I’m going to say that they are pretty good!

How do they look? Take a look at this picture that I posted earlier today:


I think they look absolutely fine. They are not as shimmery as some of the other stockings that I have worn but I can’t say that it’s a problem for me. The knit is not as neat as more expensive stockings which means that they do not have a luxurious look.


The last point that I would make is that these would probably fit ladies up to a UK size 18.

All in all, I am very happy with these stockings and will be buying a pile more!

Check out Stockings HQ for a variety of stockings.


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