Why limit yourself to 6 straps?

That’s a bit extreme!

How do you go to the bathroom when you’re wearing that many straps?!

That must take ages to do up!

Anything with more that six straps is fetish.

I have heard it all and to be honest I can understand why women are concerned about wearing suspension with more than six straps.

I’m going to tackle each of the above quotes independently:

That’s a bit extreme!

It depends what your idea of extreme is I guess. I know of some women who use corsets to tightlace their waists to ‘extreme’ proportions but to them it is completely normal. I think the trick is to wear what you are comfortable with and not judge other women who choose to wear extra straps, whether that’s an extra two or an extra ten.

How do you go to the bathroom when you’re wearing that many straps?!

This seems to be a MASSIVE concern with women! It makes me giggle because it is no more difficult than if you were wearing knickers.

You don’t even need to undo the straps if you don’t want to. With a suspender belt you can wear your knickers over the suspender belt, pull it down like a pair of knickers then readjust the stockings once they are pulled up, or you can undo the back (it is usually done up like a bra). If you have chosen a girdle, you just need to pull it down, again like a pair of knickers. If you have decided to be brave and have bought a 8/10/12 etc. strap corselette, then you might need to get good at unfastening and fastening the back clips. I will let you in on a little secret though; if you are feeling really lazy, you don’t need to undo anything or pull anything down, just pull your knickers out of the way. You asked!

That must take ages to do up!

I am lucky in that I have a boyfriend who is just possibly more in love with shapewear and stockings than I am and LOVES to do my straps up every morning. When he’s not around, I obviously fasten the clips myself and I can honestly say that it takes me no more than 2 minutes max to do up a 14 strap suspender belt. However, if you don’t have an obsessed boyfriend, there are several ways to do them up which shouldn’t take too long.

Practice! You need to practice doing up straps, it honestly is not that difficult, you just need to get confident with it and it will save you a lot of time.

Do them up before you put the stockings up. What I mean by this is that you can put both your stockings on, mid-way up your leg, then attach your straps. All you have to then is pull them up like a pair of tights.

Anything with more that six straps is fetish.

I guess I’m a fetishist then! People tend to say this because they don’t think that more than 6 straps is necessary, and they are right, technically you could get away with just two straps. However, there are many benefits having more straps, for example, the stocking tops stay very straight and they prevent sagging between clips. So, if you have large thighs (which I do) having more straps can actually prevent thigh chafing.

If you are interested in trying out either a girdle or a suspender belt (or both) I have made some recommendations below. Please feel free to email me if you would like some help choosing the right one for you.


Nylon Dreams Powermesh Girdle – 8 straps


Pandora’s Choice – Girdle with 10 Suspender Straps this also comes in a 12 strap version. I have the 10 strapper!



Nylonz – 6 strap corselette – This can be customised by Nylonz.com to have many more straps on it.


Suspender belts:

To my surprise, Kiss Me Deadly do ten strap suspender belts!

bbe4f9e756e014e737229ef4fb6ca41e10d2262f--330x440autoNylonz do a pretty 14 strapper.

14-strap-lace-panel-suspender-belt-black-4963-p[ekm]336x310[ekm]Stockings HQ have some brilliant suspension, this 14 strapper being one of them. I also have this!

1379868237-26122000If you want to go hardcore, Dark Ladies Wear make some amazing custom suspender belts. This one is an 18 strapper! It’s a little bit pricey but it can be made exactly to your specifications, which is brilliant.

e-18-strap-waist-cincher-suspender-belt-6383-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]Give it a go ladies and let me know if you decide to try one out!


7 thoughts on “Why limit yourself to 6 straps?

  1. I have come across (no pun intended) your blog a few times recently and have just realised how amazing you are.

    I have not long returned from an evening of hi-larious synth ridden complexities coupled with masses amount of Jack Daniels.

    If you are ever in the Liverpool area and need a travel guide or an assistant in achieving your daily perfection, I’m most definitely your man……

      • Sadly I’m in Liverpool UK however it’s a fine hot sunny day today so I can’t complain…..

        I appreciate you are thousands of miles away and if I am ever in Sydney I won’t hesitate to wave my arms in the air like i just don’t care…..

        I’m off to Sicily an Barcelona in a few weeks so it’s not all bad 🙂

        Take care…

  2. I don’t know whether to thank you or not for introducing me to Dark Ladies Wear! I am completely lusting over one of those suspender belts but don’t have the funds. Although, I may snap when I next get paid…

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  4. I hope that this message finally gets through. The seductive lingerie, seamed stocking and foundation modelling of the lovely and statuesque Elinor is something exquisite..and very exciting. While I will not say anything more explicit, I wish to convey that Elinor inspires fantasies as only a Nylon Goddess can. Extraordinary for a young lady in the modern world.

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