Louella and her new stockings!

Last month, I sent my cousin, Louella Eke, a 6 strap suspender belt and some stretch stockings for her to try out. I was curious to hear how she got on with them because she always seems to be rolling around with horses or dragging her guitar around! Here is what she has to say…

The Nylon SwishWhat did you think of your new underwear?

Louella – I was so excited by my suspender belt and stockings, I immediately ran to show my boyfriend squealing! I loved the look of the belt and was dying to try it on and feel those silky stockings on my pins!


TNSWhere did you wear them?

Louella -I wore them to a gig in Bude (north Cornwall) where I played, and I felt so amazing in them! Here is a picture of me in my new stockings at the gig!


TNSHow did they feel?

Louella – They made me feel a million dollars, Really sexy, and expensive. I felt like Elizabeth Taylor looks! The only thing that was annoying me, was that when I sat down, the stockings slipped down, so when I stood up, my thigh was more exposed and pulled them down further while I was upright. It was irritating to have to keep rearranging them. Now that I’ve worn them a couple of times, I’ve figured out how to put them on correctly in the first place! They are still a pain when drunk, but so much less annoying than on the first night!


TNSWould you replace all of your tights with stockings?

Louella – HELL YES!!! They are awesome! Putting my tights back on was so degrading after wearing stockings! The trouble is, I’ve laddered the stockings you sent me (as I have with every pair of tights I own!) so I need to buy more, but I guess that was inevitable!!



(Check out her lovely legs!)

TNSDid your boyfriend like them?

Louella – Oh yes! He thought I looked amazing in them…

TNSWhat did you not like about the suspender belt and stockings?

Louella – Mostly, it was the falling down bit, but I also had trouble with going to the loo. I soon figured out that just holding them down and sorting myself out after was easy enough…

TNSWould you wear this underwear again?

Louella – No doubt about that! If I hadn’t laddered the pair of stockings you sent me, I would wear them every day! I’m currently sat in my tights wondering when I’ll be able to order more stockings… I’m thinking I had better get some before the bands photo shoot!

Thank you so much for telling us about your experience with your new underwear! Could you tell us a little more about yourself?

I’m a singer/songwriter from Par, Cornwall (England for you Aus lot). I play folky/country/blues music, kind of new songs written in a timeless fashion. I play solo as well as with a band, although I’ve only just found a bass player to play in the band so it’s only just starting to kick off! We are recording an EP in the next couple of weeks, and when it’s done, it’ll be available on iTunes, bandcamp and in real life CD copies too!


When I’m not singing, I break in horses and it can sometimes be terrifying! I also clip peoples horses through the winter, working with young/nervous/naughty horses, just to earn a little extra and be nosy of other peoples horses.

Finally, my boyfriend and I run a rehearsal & recording studio in Par. It’s called ‘The Cave’ and we haven’t been running it for long, we have been working very hard at trying to make the place presentable at the minute. Beren, my boyfriend, is a fantastic producer/engineer/mixer/arranger, he’s been working on some amazing projects including his own band Grip-Like Vice.


To find out more about any of the above, or if you just want to browse pictures etc., then here’s a list of links for you to get liking and looking. Happy nosing!

http://www.louellajadeeke.weebly.com http://www.facebook.com/louellajadeeke http://www.facebook.com/louellaandthegambit http://www.louellajadeeke.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/lousequine http://www.facebook.com/thecavecornwall http://www.facebook.com/griplikevice http://www.griplikevice.com http://www.berenmatthewsproduction.co.uk

Find us on twitter: @loujeke @thecavecornwall @griplikevice

Instagram: loujeke   thecavecornwall    griplikevice

YouTube: Louella Eke / Grip-Like Vice

Isn’t she gorgeous? If you have recently tried our shapewear or stockings for the first time and would like to tell The Nylon Swish readers all about your experience, please get in touch!


7 thoughts on “Louella and her new stockings!

  1. Hello girls,

    Great to read that you both enjoy your stockings. I do too! 🙂

    With reference to the minor difficulties mentioned above I have a couple of suggestions.

    If the suspender belt is slipping down it is either too big or the stockings may be a little small. Try going down a size in the suspender belt or up a size in the stockings. Getting all the clips adjusted is important too. Remember the ones at the back need to be longer.

    I ALWAYS wear my suspender belt under my knickers. This means taking your knickers down for the loo does not require any unfastening or readjustment.

    Love your blog.

    Laura xxx

    • May I comment as a male? Much as I appreciate the difficulties of using the loo when wearing suspenders they do look better outside knickers, nothing to spoil the look of the suspenders!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say: I have a suspender belt with fourteen garters on it! That’s seven clips on each leg. It takes a while to put on but it feels great.

    Laura xxx

  3. Bravo to you for being such a proactive advocate for stockings and suspenders! I think you’ve set the bar for other vintage ladies to try and get our relatives and friends to at least try vintage style shapewear and hosiery. I have a sister who is far too old to still be a tomboy (she lives in skinny jeans and hoodies). I’m going to invite her for a vintage girl’s night out and insist she wear a slinky late 50’s vintage dress in my collection that absolutely requires a girdle and long line bullet bra to be worn under it for a proper fit. The dress, girdle, bra and fully fashioned stockings will be my gift to her. I might even throw in a pair of shoes! I’m hoping once she experiences how great it feels to wear vintage, we’ll have yet another vintage lady, just like magic!

    • Hi Ashley, thanks for your message! It’s great to hear that you want to encourage your sister to wear vintage style clothing and foundations! Do you think she will bite? I hope so, I can’t think of one woman who doesn’t look stunning in vintage clothes. Keep it up and send some pictures through of the transformation!! xxx

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