What Katie Did and my boyfriend changed my life through underwear

You may have read in my ‘About Me’ page that I used to wear stockings and suspension but gave up after receiving a substantial amount of negative feedback. After several years of gritting my teeth and wearing tights, my boyfriend broke the curse and took me to What Katie Did. On that day, I felt beautiful and I hadn’t felt beautiful for years. If I hadn’t already fallen in love with that man previous to that day, that absolutely would have done it. Nobody has ever made me feel that special before.

We went to the London boutique early in the afternoon, I was dressed in a black t-shirt, a short red skirt, black tights and some black wedged shoes. I felt completely out of place in the shop, everything was so beautiful and glamorous and I was wearing all stretch clothes; although I loved being in there, I wanted to leave as well. We left several hours later, with some items that would change my life forever. I know it sounds ridiculous but What Katie Did, really had a massive impact on me.

I looked through the bullet bras first and thought to myself, ‘I could never pull that off, maybe in another life time’; I took a Glamour corselettes off the rack and wondered if they even had my size, I was always too big for pretty things, surely only models would look good in this lingerie, what’s the point in me trying any of this on? I saw some Bernie Dexter dresses hanging on another rack, I think it was the poppy field dress that really caught my eye; I remember thinking to myself, “I wish I had the confidence to pull something like that off'”.


My boyfriend asked me if there was anything that I would like to try on. I hesitated but he encouraged me to pick some pieces out and try them on. I can’t remember who picked out the unpadded bullet bras but they were in the pile. One of the shop assistants (whose name escapes me, I am very sorry if you’re reading this) treated me so nicely, despite me quite obviously not having a clue what I was doing. She showed me how to put a bullet bra on, by leaning forward and shaking the cups into place and then fastening the back. It was all so…new to me.

My boyfriend brought through the black Glamour corselette and asked me if I would like to try it on. I said yes but that it probably wouldn’t fit me. The shop assistant told me to step into the garment and then cross my legs so that I could get into it more easily. My boyfriend yanked and pulled and nearly knocked me off my feet trying to get me into it. It upset me a little at first because I thought he was just trying to be nice and get me into it even though I was too big for it, however they both insisted that it was the right size. After a few minutes of struggling, the corselette slid into place. I looked at myself in the mirror and was speechless. My body, for the first time in years looked amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at my curves and running my hand up and down my black shiny hip.


I tried on some other items and continued to feel more and more beautiful. Then, he asked me if I wanted to try on a corset. The lovely shop assistant laced me into numerous corsets, which felt so relaxing, I have always loved the feeling of being put into a corset. We eventually settled on a black Morticia. Once I was properly laced into the corset, my curves were really exaggerated and I felt incredibly glamorous. I remember him sitting on the seat, smiling up at me, he told me I looked beautiful and for the umpteenth time that day, I really did feel it.

After trying on most things in the boutique, we settled on the below items:


We left the shop with a lovely collection; three pairs of stockings, the Glamour corselette, the Cabaret girdle, the Marlene girdle (they didn’t have my size on the day so this was posted to me at a later date), two bullet bras and the Morticia corset.

Out of all my underwear, I probably wear these more than anything else that I own, because they fit me so well but also because they remind me of the day that I started to feel beautiful again.

That day completely changed my life. My love of stockings and foundations grew from there and I began to gain confidence in myself. I have completely changed my wardrobe to work around my underwear and I have the confidence to post photos of my body on the internet, something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a few years ago. I also now own several Bernie Dexter dresses and I CAN pull them off!

So, to Katie Thomas, thank you for creating such a wonderful brand, and to my boyfriend, I love you and thank you for making me feel beautiful. The Nylon Swish was started thanks to you.


8 thoughts on “What Katie Did and my boyfriend changed my life through underwear

  1. Oh I remember my first trip to What Katie Did! Nothing like getting corseted in by a professional to make you feel like you can do ANYTHING! I now own a solid closet of their stuff and cannot flaw it. Beautiful post about how a little bit of shape wear can go a long way xxx

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  3. Elinor, I was very interested in the advice given by the assistant to cross your legs when pulling the garment on. In the considerable number of years I’ve been wearing girdles and corselettes, this is the first time I’ve ever heard that! So, I gave it a try, and it was very helpful!

    I always try to encourage younger women to try something a bit sexier in the shapewear department – I believe my shapewear shouldn’t be something I would be ashamed or embarrassed to be seen in should the occasion arise 🙂

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