Should knickers be worn under a suspender belt or over it?

The two most common questions that people ask me are:

  1. How do you go to the bathroom in that?
  2. Should I wear my knickers under or over my suspender belt?

People seem to get quite angry at me for wearing mine under my suspension and it’s made me realise how important these two questions are to stocking wearing people everywhere.

photo 4 (1)

So first things first, let me address the question of how one goes to the bathroom in a suspender belt/ girdle/ corselette.

As I often wear my knickers under the straps, I cannot simply pull them down, however this isn’t an issue. When I’m wearing a girdle, I just pull the girdle down as I would a pair of knickers. All I have to do after I’m done is pull up and readjust my stockings.

I only own 14 strap suspender belts so I do not undo every single clips each time I need to powder my nose, instead I choose one of two options; I can either treat them like my girdles and pull them down over my hips, or I can undo the joining clips at the back (they are just like bra clips).

With a corselette, I simply undo the back clips then do them up when I’m done.

It is of course a bit tricky to do up the back clips without assistance at first however, you will discover that with a little practise, it isn’t that bad.

photo 5

That is how it works for me. It may be different for other women but there you go.

On to the next question; ‘Should I wear my knickers under or over my suspender belt?’

I have been looking through a few forums to see what other people think about this topic and people tend to strongly recommend one over the other, but never both. Some people recommend wearing knickers under the straps because it looks prettier, while others insist that wearing knickers over the straps suggests that the wearer is loose as it makes their private area more accessible to a potential sexual partner. I found that last comment to be slightly offensive if I’m honest.


I don’t think that the question of which layer goes on first is particularly important, I think getting the right piece of shapewear around your body and your legs into stockings that fit and feel nice is more important and to be honest, a lot more interesting.

Personally, when I wear knickers, I prefer to wear them under my straps but that does not mean that everyone else should. I would recommend trying both out and seeing how you go. If you are nervous about wearing a suspender belt because you are unsure about how to go to the bathroom, then wear your knickers over your straps, it is nobody else’s business but your own.

To be honest, I would just recommend going commando, problem solved 😉


One thought on “Should knickers be worn under a suspender belt or over it?

  1. I totally agree with the way you do it, until this morning I always wore my knickers over my suspender belt for convieniance sake, but with this post rattling away in the back of my mind I realised that I hate the feeling of it.

    I got off the train this morning and walked the 15mins to work, during which time I had to keep surreptitiously pulling my knickers up, and they would immediately start their downward journey. I was so afraid that they would actually fall down before I got there 🙂

    Once I got to work, I immediately switched them round so that my belt was on the top. It took a little time to get used to undoing the belt and doing it up again, but I’m sure with practice it’ll be second nature.

    I also wanted to ask, as you’re tall like me (I’m 6 foot tall and love my stockings to be high) – when you get a new suspender belt is it better to get one size down?
    I recently bought an 8-strap StockingsHQ belt which is exactly my waist size, but I find that I have to keep pulling it up, and the stockings are slightly lower than where I want them to be.


    P.S. I’m loving your blog 🙂

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