Chill out with big knickers

As you may have already seen here, I like to occasionally wear big knickers. However as an avid fan of extra firm shapewear, I favour tight, high rise pants, but when I’m feeling lazy I’m most definitely not against big baggy knickers. Garments such as tap pants or French knickers are designed to sit away from the skin and are far from restrictive. They can be worn independently or over a suspender belt.

I have listed below five of my favourite tap pants and french knickers:

1. What Katie Did – Cabaret French Knickers (available in black and peach) – $67.50 USD


2. What Katie Did – French Knickers (available in black) – $55.50 USD


3. Kiss Me Deadly – Elle Knickers (available in black) – $50 USD


4. Slips and Lace Lingerie – Tap Pants – (available in green, but they supply other designs in a few other colours) – $50 USD


5. Froxinabox – Lace Trim French Knickers – (available in white) – $10 USD



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