A few questions & answers about my corset week

A couple of weeks ago I wore a corset every day for 5 days, for no particular reason, just that I missed wearing them and I thought I would make a theme out of it. My partner was of course happy to lace me every morning, which is lucky because I still haven’t mastered the art of self lacing!

A few people have asked me some questions about the week so I will endeavor to answer them here.

How did it feel?

Well it felt kind of…comfortable most of the time. As I work in an office all day, I tend to slouch over my desk without realising and consequently get a sore back a lot of the time. The corset helped to prevent me from slouching by keeping me sat upright, which felt really great after a week. As my posture improved, I felt like my mental state also improved as I felt like I was being much more productive at work during corset week. We have casual Fridays in my office and I really don’t like it to be honest, a few years ago I would have come in in leggings and a baggy top and my productivity would significant decrease, the corset had the opposite effect.

Although we didn’t fasten the corset very tightly, I still got some aches and pains during the week. I found that I felt absolutely fine up until about 2pm when my lower ribs and back would start to ache. This ache would last about an hour and then it would settle down and I felt absolutely fine again for the rest of the day. Had the corset been laced as tight as it could possibly go, it would have been a different matter, however, I didn’t want to do this because I would be eating breakfast and then lunch and I didn’t want to be so bloated that I had to tear it off after a few hours!

photo 2 (6)

Were you tight lacing?

No I was not, I was simply wearing a corset for 5 days (not while sleeping).

Did you notice a difference in your body shape after a week?

No I didn’t. The body will not start to adapt to a corset after a week of wearing it for around 12 hours a day unfortunately. Tight lacers wear a corset for about 23 hours a day, only removing it to wash. Only this sort of commitment after a few months will physically change your body. I would LOVE to tight lace but it is so hot in Australia that I don’t think it is practical to do so. We are currently researching custom made corsetry manufacturers to see what options are out there though.


How do you feel about corsets in relation to feminism?

I don’t have a problem with women (or men) choosing to change the shape of their bodies through wearing a corset or tight lacing. I could go on about feminism, but in short, feminism boils down to equal rights and choices, therefore if a woman wants to do wear a corset, I see absolutely no reason why she should not.

By pure coincidence, Messy Nessy published a short article about the gorgeous Betty Brosmer who had (and still has) a tiny waist which she most probably achieved through corset training. The post was published on facebook and was unfortunately met with some extremely negative and derogatory comments towards her body choices, which is unacceptable in my view.


I have seen some pretty extreme examples of tight lacers over the years and I have to admit that while I admire their commitment and what they have achieved, as well as the modifications that they have made to their bodies, I don’t think that I would want to train to such an extreme level that I achieved a stem waist. This is of course just my personal opinion, however I would never pass judgement on other men or women for making that choice. At the risk of sounding a little preachy, ladies, please stop being so negative to other women who have made different choices to your own, we should help and support each other rather than ripping each other threads.

If you have any more questions about my experiences, please feel free to send me a message. If you would like to learn more about the world of corsetry, I suggest that you look at Lucy’s Corsetry blog as she has a vast amount of knowledge on the topic.

I have included some images of the gorgeous Annalai with her teeny tiny waist, because…well she is amazing 🙂





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