Ask me anything- One for the gentlemen!


I am sure you are aware that many men feel the same way about vintage nylon stockings and foundations. Also you no doubt know quite a few of those guys also find wearing those delightful items to be very exciting and pleasing. I discovered at the age 5 just how exciting it was to slide a pair of mom’s discarded nylon stockings onto my smooth little legs! My question is how do you feel about a guy in a skirt, sheer hose and high heels? My girlfriend likes it, finds it kind of kinky erotic and says my legs look hot in heels and hose.


I love this question! I know that a lot of my readers who are male and that they either like looking at women in stockings, wearing stockings or both, so this is an interesting topic.

I have absolutely no problem with guys wearing women’s clothing, and that includes both outerwear and underwear. I think that whatever you choose to do is up to you, as long as you are not harming anyone in the process, and I can’t see how your choice in clothes could harm anyone. I think that the more people who are involved with amazing underwear and stockings, the better. I know of many men who have a great appreciation of stockings and girdles because of their own desires, and therefore encourage their wives/ girlfriends to wear these items.

Another aspect of this is that, as some of you may know, nylon manufacturers are rare beasts these days, so I don’t care if you’re a man, a woman or a horse, if you are wearing nylons, you are supporting the nylon stockings manufacturers. In my book, if you’re supporting this community, you’re a super star!


6 thoughts on “Ask me anything- One for the gentlemen!

  1. To complete your answer, nylon brand as Cervin or Gerbe in France, propose a large number of size between 1 to 6 for Gerbe, between 1 to 8 for Cervin (for great women, but also for men).


    • Only reason I wear them: Effective men’s girdles are well above my budget. I am forced by economics into women’s girdles when I need an effective garment.

      Classic open-bottom styles just offer more control and more comfort.
      Unfortunately, wearing an open-bottomed girdle without stockings only works until you move, then it immediately rides up!! ALWAYS!!

      Sooo,with an open-bottomed girdle, not only does the girdle hold the stockings UP, the stockings hold the girdle DOWN!! You really cant leave out any part of the system and not disable the other part.

      End result: I have worn women’s girdles WITH STOCKINGS for nearly 40 years. I wear no other women’s clothes, Never have No plans to do so.

      That said, I DO find OBG’s one of the most sexy things a woman can wear

  2. I always looked at pictures of women in garter and nylons in catalogues and it excited me to wear it.
    I am not a fully crossdresser, but I like to wear pantyhose/tights, garter belt with stockings and fishnets. The feeling on my legs is wonderful, so I sleep at night in it. My girlfriend is happy, seeing me in all that, take photos of me and often buy me some new tights and stockings. Since I am a fan of that lingerie, I now own several facebook groups.

    • I am a nearly a daily crossdresser – for over thirty years, fully made up and styled completely as a woman. Lately I have been wearing a lot of loose fitting ladies clothes out due to the effects of gravity and time on my figure. The last few days I have been thinking some good shapewear may get me back into some of my favorite skirt outfits and dresses. I searched the web and warily got into a couple of chat rooms. I mentioned that I am a male up front. I found absolutely nothing but great customer service and advice from two of the larger shapewear sites. Their only goal were to assess my needs just as they would any woman. One site I contacted by email. They responded within ten minutes and asked me to call and discuss my needs. I had attached a couple of photos of me dressed so they had some idea of my problem areas. I was somewhat flattered when I had to assure the woman that the photos were actually of me and not some random photos of another woman. There are a lot of acquaintances I have made who do not know I am not a woman. Within a couple of minutes she had made some recommendations that will drop me two dress sizes and smooth out the lumps and bumps. I asked if she felt any unease in discussing ladies foundations with a guy. She replied ‘not at all’. She told me she communicates with many men but most of the time they are reluctant to admit that the shapewear is for them even if for a lower back problem. She also said that ladies come in all shapes and sizes and from what she could tell in the photos, I looked better than many. I did admit that I was wearing a longline bra and girdle in them, but they just don’t hold firmly enough now. She assured me this is normal – gravity and time takes a toll. There several lessons I learned from this. Don’t be afraid to admit this is who you are…it isn’t going to change. Males wearing women’s shapewear need it for a variety of reasons such as lower back pain – mine happens to be that I dress completely and conservatively as a woman and I want to appear as pretty and feminine as I can. The second lesson I learned is that if you are sincere, a woman will help to fit you with your foundations the same as she will a woman. Guys, it is becoming more mainstream for males to express their feminine side through their attire. That is a good thing. My final thought on seeking advice for foundations is to not feel intimidated. If you want to wear a longline bra, firm control girdle, and gartered hosiery like I do, then like anything else you want it to fit correctly.

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