Pin-up underwear on a budget

Do you love the pin-up look but can’t afford the price tags that come with the well known vintage reproduction lingerie brands?

I went to Target and looked around the ‘granny section’ in search of some big knickers to go with my staple Target bras, which I wear on a regular basis. Yes these are big knickers but they will hold your tummy in (which I need) and they look really cute paired with these bras.

At $12 AUD a piece, they are very affordable and come in black and peach. These sorts of knickers are available in Target but also in most department stores and even some supermarkets. Don’t be afraid to go into the ‘granny section’, there really are some treasures to be found!

untitled shoot-9317

untitled shoot-9309

untitled shoot-9350

untitled shoot-9277

untitled shoot-9348

untitled shoot-9297

untitled shoot-9335

untitled shoot-9244

untitled shoot-9326

untitled shoot-9278

untitled shoot-9261

untitled shoot-9383

untitled shoot-9275

untitled shoot-9354

untitled shoot-9291

untitled shoot-9377


3 thoughts on “Pin-up underwear on a budget

  1. Heart broken, I have those knickers. Was going to buy more, but found the last few sizes on the discount rack. Sadly the sizes were too small for me. So to other out there, get in quick 😉

    Still have not tried the bra, at my size it would turn my boobs into weapons.

    **Previously commented as ‘Astrid’

  2. Oh wow lovely photos, thanks so much for sharing. Sadly Target does not carry my bra size. I might be able to find those nickers tho!!!

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