Today’s underwear – Tuesday 12th August 2014

Today’s underwear:

Bra: Rago

Suspender belt: 14 strapper by Revival Lingerie

Stockings: Opaques by Kiss Me Deadly

I will be reviewing the bra and stockings very soon!


photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (2)

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5



2 thoughts on “Today’s underwear – Tuesday 12th August 2014

  1. A very nice looking under garment….. & it is really doing its job well… this is a *PERFECT! FIT it fits U & looks so VERY nice,, its of course such a nice Vintage looking garment / product jus *LUV the matching panties & *Stockings too & I am sure everything feels S000 good wearing this under garment I,m not sure?? if I would be the only 1 asking / wondering ?? from what I have been learning,,, Does a wearer of these under garments uselessly wear the pantie/underwear Over, the Suspender belt ? for easy use for when Mother Nature calls ? Unless of course 1 wont be wearing this for that long, Then of course i understand thank U for your post I truly *Enjoy & I,m so glad i found your Blog Kelly* also a *LOVER of all things Vintage,,, I cant wait for your review of both the stockings&Bra,, 🙂

  2. Kelly,

    It’s a personal preference but I’ve read that women would wear the panties over the garter belt to make it easy to use the restroom. One pinup model stated she wears her panties under the belt and unfastens only the back garters to pull down her nickers partially when using the restroom.

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