Ask me anything – Awkward bodies!


I am a fairly new reader to your blog… but oh so in love! 
I have been coveting the retro style stockings, girdles and corsets for a decade. I live in a small town with nothing like that! No one even carries stockings in the larger town nearby. 
I am limited to online and it is tough finding an online store with a return policy AND will not charge $30 for shipping. 
We have almost the same measurements. 
Bust: 38″ 
Underbust: 30″ 
Waist: 30″ 
Hips: 44″ 

My issues are: 
– If it fits in the hips, it is too big in the waist 
– if it fits my waist, it is too tight on my hips/bum 
– too short 

I am definitely pear shaped, a bit spoon shaped even. 

I was hoping you could offer suggestions on what I could try for size based on your experience. 

I am looking for an open bottom girdle with garters. 

Any help would be fantastic!! Thank you!


Hi Ashley!

Thanks for your question. I 100% understand where you are coming from, I have exactly the same issues. Most of my vintage girdles either fit just my waist or my hips but rarely both; my partner and I often say that we wish corsetieres still came door to door and made custom girdles.

So, what I do is choose my underwear carefully, I never buy one piece items online because more often than not they are too short in the body, I will always try them on before buying anything like that. If this is not possible for you, stick to the items that are guaranteed to fit, the pieces that work for me are short girdles, suspender belts, or a combination of a longline girdle with a longline bra. I have included some examples below.

Short girdles:

These are great for women shaped like us! The top of the garment is not affected by the small waist measurement as it is designed to sit around the hips and bum. I would recommend sticking to your usual dress size for these types of garments.

What Katie Did Cabaret Girdle

Rago 1359

Berdita Medium Support Girdle

Suspender belts:

These are also good for our shape as they are designed to sit at the top of your hips. I would recommend sizing down with elasticated belts and staying with your usual dress size for the non-stretch pieces.

What Katie Did Suspender Belt

Stockings HQ mesh front 6-strap suspender belt

Revival Lingerie 14 strap suspender belt

Longline bra & longline girdle combinations:

I love my longline combinations and I have to say that the best company to get a firm control longline girdle is Rago. The idea is to wear the bra over the top of the girdle, to keep the waist section in place. I usually order Rago girdles in size XL32 which is the right size for my bum and hips.


Triumph Doreen Longline Bra

What Katie Did Kate Longline Cone Bra

Rago 2202


Rago 1294

Rago 6210 – I know you are looking for an open bottom girdle, but I fully recommend this piece as well.

I hope this helps!



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