Ask me anything – Shapewear boredom

Like you, I am an avid wearer of stockings and foundation wear. Sometimes, however I can’t help thinking about the phenomenon of satiation. Or to put it differently: Don’t you ever get enough of these paraphernalia. Isn’t it at bit like eating your favourite dish – each and every meal each and every day? Don’t you have your off-days, where you can’t stand the sight of your girdle, and your stockings just make you yawn? And will the constant, repetitive wearing of the same things not inevitably some day end up in plain, permanent unnoticeable habit…?

This is a really interesting question. I do indeed have my off-days when I feel bloated and lazy and just want to wear leggings and a t-shirt, however I have learned that if I give in to this feeling, I end up feeling horrible all day and wishing that I had made the effort. On days when I have felt lazy but made the effort to slip into some nylons and a girdle, I’m always pleased that I went ahead and dressed properly.

To me, stockings, bullet bras, girdles, corselettes etc. are just my normal undergarments now. I wouldn’t ever choose to wear tights or an underwired t-shirt bra now that I know what the good stuff feels like to wear. I guess you could ask this question to anyone who wears the same sort of clothing everyday; ‘do you get bored of wearing socks?’, ‘do you get bored of wearing jeans?’ – In all honesty, they would probably say no, it’s just a part of their lifestyle.

To me, wearing all this is indeed a habit, but a habit that I take great pleasure in. There is always another vintage girdle or a different type of stocking to be discovered and I love that, I have never been bored by this ‘paraphernalia’ and I can’t see myself getting bored of it all any time soon. I’m in totally in love with all of it!


One thought on “Ask me anything – Shapewear boredom

  1. dear elinor just like you i love slipping into my girdle and my vintage hose and i also am always looking for more vintage stockings which i usually get from etsy and i have a new pair in the mail and i am waiting for them now so i can wear them when i go out tonight.thank you for being so nice and a lover of nylon stockings as i am .love phylisanne.

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