Monday’s underwear – My first panty girdle!

Today I wore two of the my new Rago pieces and some RHTs. I will be reviewing them both very soon! I loved wearing this panty girdle to work today, it was so comfortable, plus this is my first ever panty girdle, so it was fun to try something new.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3



23 thoughts on “Monday’s underwear – My first panty girdle!

  1. O.M.G. I am goin S0000 (cR A zy) I am S0000 glad that there are some people- (YOU)- that has a *LOVE for this type of vintage under garments &…..that likes to share with us…..who also has a *LOVE,,,of these under garments !!!! I *LOVE that U *LOVE This !!!! ok so…on to writing to U of this post (thank u ) thank U &….thank U!!!! I also will be adding these types of under garments to my wardrobe these are def, goin to be Kelly s foundation ware,,, the look of the front is really so wonderful as tho a touch of see through,, with those beautiful garters holding the *STOCKINGS in place,, oh, it must hav felt…S0000 good to be wearing this,,, to think? that s000 many woman who doesn’t wear this type of clothing what there missing out on,,,,its such a shame,,, U young lady…are keeping the spirit alive,,,, it is now (you) that is holding the torch for all the woman to see & I do hope that more woman can join U in this beautiful Vintage under garment display Long liv vintage style garments !!!!!! Kelly

  2. Wonderful post. I’ve always shy’d away from this type of shapewear… it hard to go to the restroom? Sorry if your asked this a lot .

  3. Hi there, you look great and I’m inspired to try on the lingerie from rago myself! Quick question – how did you determine your size from rago? I’m in between sizes but feel as though the medium would be right for me.. Not sure, but thought I would ask your size for the bra and bottom. thank you kindly!

    • Sal – First measure your hips and your waist. Choose a girdle that is 2 sizes smaller. Keep in mind a girdle does stretch and that is why you need to go slightly tighter, but not too tight. Keep in mind to benefit the best from being girdled is a girdled is designed to give needed stomach and back support, if you go too tight that can be uncomfortable, going too loose your measured size will defeat teh benefit of being girdled. Going 2 sizes tighter will give you needed support and control and you will really find being girdled daily in a decent vintage girdle very beneficial.

  4. I am a 30 year old woman who has been wearing. These types of long leg panty girdles since my boy friend now husband turned me on to them at the age of 19. Not only are they comfortable to wear they are quite erotic for my husband and I

  5. Panty Girdles just make a woman sexy. And powerful, too. Awesome pix of you! My wife wears them too and when she does, I am at her command very willingly.

  6. It really is amazing how beneficial wearing a decent girdle like the Rago 6210 is. There is a lot of misinformation concerning girdles, I am really happy that you are getting the positive word out. Many people just do not get how really beneficial a decent girdle like you are in is, you really do feel great and they are actually very comfortable. besides look great you do feel great. Keep spreading the work “Girdles are Great”.

  7. I love my 6210 too, and the similar#1294 open bottom sttyle is elsewise very similar. They made a fine panty girdle#696. A classic “action back” that fit me very nicely. Alas no more. Why would a man like wearing a panty girdle and nylons. Simple; it feels so good! I love my girdles!!

    • What I found out back during the Golden Age of Girdles, girdles were a women’s best kept secret. Nowadays men are starting to learng about this secret and little by little are starting to get into girdles. Girdles are not just for women but for both sexes, and they really are great.

  8. yes yes yes panty girdles are fantastic my Mom started me in them at about age 14 or 15. It was a very light weight very stretchy panty girdle in a flesh color with 4 tiny garters for holding up my Hanes reinforced heel n toe sheer n silky nylon stockings. Loved them all then and still love them as does my husband.

    • Sandra – yes you sure care correct, sure wish more women were like you and knew how daily being in a panty girdle is really very beneficial. You do not just look great girdled, but you sure feel great as you know, spread the positive word “Girdles are Great”.

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