Bridal Underwear

A few days ago, we saw a young couple having their wedding photos taken outside the entrance of Luna park.  A few minutes after we arrived at the park, the rain started to pour. The young couple ran over to the same shelter as us, and the woman lifted up her bridal dress, to reveal…bare legs. Both my partner and I were very disappointed to not see any hosiery at all. Since then, I have been thinking about the underwear that women might choose to wear on their special day.

Below are some of the pieces I might consider if I were to get married.


If you’re only going to wear a corset once in your life, your wedding day is a pretty good day to choose. It doesn’t need to be the tightest, strongest corset as you will be wearing it for the majority of the day and evening and need to be comfortable. There are, in my opinion, many benefits to wearing a corset – Your posture will be much improved as the corset will keep you standing very straight, perfect for those wedding photos. You won’t need to worry about wearing any other shapewear, when it comes to you waist and tummy as the corset will hold you in perfectly. And if you start to feel a bit full after eating wedding cake, you can always ask one of your bridesmaids to loosen you up a bit!

Here are a few examples of corsets that I think would work really well:

What Katie Did Cabaret Sheer Morticia Corset


Vintage Style Satin Basque from Pandora’s Choice


Morgana Femme Couture’s MF1318



If you are looking for firm support around your tummy and hips without wearing a corset, either a short or a longline girdle is the perfect way to smooth out those areas. As I have mentioned many times before, girdles don’t have to look matronly, they can actually look very pretty and youthful.

Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Longline Girdle


Secrets In Lace’s Elizabeth OB Girdle – Ivory


What Katie Did Cabaret Girdle


 Suspender Belts

If girdles aren’t your thing but you still want to wear stockings, a suspender belt is a great alternative. There are so many pretty ones out there, and it depends how many straps you want, however I have selected three of my favourite bridal styles.

Coco’s Retro Closet – White Lace Deep Style Garter Belt Wide Suspender Belt


1950s Retro Lingerie Shop – High Waisted Boned, 6 Strap Suspender Belt


Secrets In Lace – Small Ruffle Garter Belt



Most women need strapless bras under their wedding dress, although I’m a massive fan of the bullet bra, I don’t think that they are always the best choice for this occasion. If you choose to wear a corset, you may want to pair it with a strapless bra, however if you do not choose to wear a corset, a good alternative is a strapless longline.

Secrets In Lace – Nicole Longline


Lauren Silva – Goddess All Lace Longline Underwired Bra Style 689


What Katie Did Cabaret Bustier



And last but most certainly not least, is stockings! In my opinion, fully-fashioned stockings are the only option for such a special day! If you’re looking for white or ivory stockings, there are plenty of options.

Gio Full Fashioned Bridal Ivory Cuban Heel Stockings


Secrets In Lace – Radiance Full Fashion



Touchable Fully-Fashioned Stockings (Various heels) – White and Ivory

additional-stockings-fully-fashioned-plain-colour-140-8 additional-stockings-fully-fashioned-plain-colour-140-7

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about these brands or products.


5 thoughts on “Bridal Underwear

  1. I,m giving U my two thumbs-up…for this *Post Very good review,, I was thinking of writing more,, but,,, never mind,, I enjoyed the post yea,, Me the Cross dresser !!! 🙂

  2. Dear Elinor, My new wife and i love all your posts. You look stunning in all your lovely retro lingerie, stockings and clothes.
    We got married 6weeks ago and Marie my wife wore stunning ivory gio fully fashioned seams with cuban heel and a 8 strap deep suspender belt that was boned so looked a little like a waspie!! And matching knickers. She looked Beautiful but also fulfilled a dream of mine wearing Ffns on our wedding day. Marie does wear all different stockings but as a treat wears full nylon seams.
    Hope you find this interesting but keep postng your blog as we love to see and hear what your wearing and where too.

    • Awww thanks for your lovely comment! Congratulations on getting married 🙂 I hope you both had a lovely day. I’m very happy to hear that your wife has excellent taste in underwear! If she would like to write about it and have it featured on The Nylon Swish, I would love it 🙂 Take care. Elinor x

  3. marriage isnt even on the horizon for me I was just reading this post out of curiosity and I just wanted to ask, the kiss me deadly longline girdles, have you tried or reviewed one or know anyone that has?
    I’ve been eyeing it off for years now and I’ve never read any in depth reviews that actually offer anything other than ‘its comfy’ or ‘I felt fantastic wearing it’ so I’ve never been game to take the plunge and buy one..

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