Come over and try on some underwear!

I am a huge fan of retro shapewear and encourage anyone of any age, body type, gender, background, fashion taste…basically everyone and anyone, to at least try on a good girdle, bra or suspender belt.

I know that buying such underwear can be quite daunting for some and that many people are put off by this underwear because they don’t know how it might look on their body. As such items are rarely available in Australian stores, it can just be easier to stick to what you know in case you make the wrong style or sizing choice.


So, if you live in or around Sydney, or are simply passing through, drop me a line to arrange trying on any of the pieces of shapewear available in my shop, everyone is welcome 🙂 I live with my boyfriend but I can ask him to leave and play on his bike if you are uncomfortable with having another guy in the house! I also welcome groups of people, and if you want to make an event out of, just send me a message here. Additionally, if you would like to host a little event at your house, I am happy to bring a bunch of products and fit you!


I have a great amount of knowledge when it comes to shapewear and stockings so can offer you useful advice, especially when it comes to selecting the right garment for your body. I want to help make you look and feel glamorous, so if something isn’t right for you, I will advise you accordingly.


I also have a very large collection of nylon stockings, so if you are curious about what nylon would feel like against your skin, come on over and try one on!

Come on over, and let’s play dress up!


5 thoughts on “Come over and try on some underwear!

  1. Hi If ? U would allow me to add to your post…I too wished i lived closer i would love to get fitted & to have the knowledge in knowing the right measurements for my body & the right type of under garments that would be best for me…I am a Cross dresser & I,m still learning….& for me…I will want to start out first by buying a Corset…& now I would like to say: whether it be…some 1 like myself a Cross dresser or a Real woman out here reading this fine ladies post…that if U never havnever tried these types of under garments believe me….it really is a *MUST…. U will feel more like your feminine self plus more !!!! when U are dressed up in lets say a: Corset & your wearing stockings too…& take a look in the mirror between the way U will see your (new) self & the way it will feel on your body U will then say to yourself ??? what…was i waiting for…I should have done this such a long time ago…it will enhance u so much more….& let me tell U….not every 1 offers this type of service.& this lady is..doing it for U the readers..So that tells U just a few things about this type of garments 1- she wants to share with U the readers of something she has a passion for…in telling others about the same as what she knows. that when u too also try these types of under garments..U will feel the same & even want to make up your Own blog & tell others about this wonderful experience. I took it upon myself in writing to this reply…I do not know this fine lady personally I have just came to know of her blog by accident & I am so..very glad i did because i have been learning & enjoying her posts from her blog….So any 1 out here that lives close to her…i wish i lived by her i would visit her in a heart beat Go…do it now….this lady really seems to know all there is to ever know…& like i said: its not every day that some 1 goes out of there way to help out like the way she will help U out… thank U so much again for your post…I cant wait until a (NEW) Post,,,Kelly A Cross dresser!!!

    • Wow Kelly! You wrote me an essay haha! Thanks for all your kind words today and in the past, it makes me very happy to know that I have supportive readers 🙂 xxxx

  2. Hello there!
    I’ve been reading your articles for a while, and I love the idea of purchasing or trying these things on, as I get paranoid buying from overseas sites knowing the difficulty of sizing and returns etc. I just had a question regarding sizes. Do you/will you be stocking smaller sizes? Most of the time when I have a peep you only have larger sizes (I’m 5’3″ and an 8-10).

    • Hello! I can order any sizes in that people ask for, even if you don’t want to purchase it, I can get stuff in (within reason, I’m only a small retailer). What sort of thing were you interested in and have you already checked my shop for sizes?

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