Rago 6210 review

My boyfriend has been trying to get me into panty girdles for ages and I have resisted even trying one on until now. The reason I haven’t been too excited about panty girdles in the past, is because I didn’t really regard them as sexy items. I’m a big fan of looking and feeling sexy in my underwear and I didn’t feel like the PG would do it for me. I like the idea of the suspender clip resting in between the fabric of my girdle and the welt of my stocking. I enjoy shimmying my way into the luxurious tube of fabric that is an OBG.


And now look at me, proudly wearing my new panty girdle! This PG is the delicious 6210 by Rago.

So why Rago? I thought the 6210 would be great for the simple reason that my much loved 1294 fits like a dream, smooths my hips out perfectly and feels absolutely DIVINE. The 6210 is essentially the PG version of the 1294 so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with it.

photo 1

The 6210 is extremely comfortable, it starts under my bust and arrives half way down my thighs, so if you’re a ‘less is more’ kind of person, I wouldn’t recommend this piece. The fact that it is such a big piece makes it all the more comfortable to wear, there is nothing to cut in or dig into my hips or back, it just feels like a well structured second skin.

photo 2

Speaking of it being well structured, this piece has been incredibly well thought out. All the panelling is on the front of the garment, which is so important for me to have because my tummy in definitely my biggest problem area. The side panels are made of powermesh which is important for ease of movement and the back is made of satin material which makes me rub my bum all the time because it’s so silky smooth!

photo 3-1

I am quite tall (5’11”) which means that finding all in one body briefers is not easy, the garments tend to cut my lady parts up as I have a long torso. If you’re in the same boat as me, this is a great alternative to similar items such as Rago’s 9077, just pair it with a longline bra, such as their 2202 and you’re set.

photo 4

Another great thing about this piece is that if you prefer wearing tight fitting dresses or skirts, the suspenders are hidden inside the legs which means that the bumps won’t show up that much, making it less obvious that you’re wearing stockings. The one criticism of this piece that I have is that there are only four suspender clips, and as some of you may know, I prefer a minimum of 6 clips on my foundations. However…I have to say that it doesn’t need any more than four as the stockings are held up nicely by the tightness of the garment, I’m just being fussy.

photo 3

If you do suffer from frequent thigh chafing, I would highly recommend this Rago piece. Due to the material in between the legs which creates the ‘shorts’ or ‘panty’ aspect, there is zero risk of your skin rubbing itself raw. Another thing that’s great about ‘shorts’ aspect is that the swish noise is almost as good as the swish of nylon stockings!

photo 2-1

If you decide to not wear stockings one day, you can also remove the detachable clips from the inside and wear the 6210 under trousers.

Before you ask…yes going to the bathroom is easy. There are hook and eyes all the way up the left side of the body which are very easy to do up and loosen, there is also a zip that can be fastened over them. All you need to do is undo the hook and eyes, unzip yourself and pull it down like you would a pair of knickers.

photo 1-1

In terms of sizing, feel free to check out my measurements page to find out what size I am. I wear a size XL/32 and it couldn’t fit any better, even though my waist is disproportionally small compared to my hips.

Lastly, I felt incredibly sexy all day. I don’t know what it was, maybe the swishing, the satin bum or the fact that my figure looked fantastic, but I felt great.

I am very ashamed to say that I feel as though I have missed out on months and months and months of good panty girdle wearing and that I am no 100% converted to them!


13 thoughts on “Rago 6210 review

  1. Strangely Pgs have never been my scene; alway preferred OBGs or corselettes. Seeing the 62100 displayed here, I’ll give it a try…

  2. Hi Elinor, ok,, for now on….keep listening to your boyfriend he sort of sounds like me…when of course I,m in guy-mode,, hey…we kno sum good stuff from time to time right? lol ok so onto this review…All I hav to say is: that as good as U look wearing this panty girdle it mus be also so comfortable as well,, & like U said:** I felt incredibly sexy all day!!!! & that in it self is priceless,,, I myself will No *doubt hav this in my wardrobe along with seam *Stockings & one good corset,,,just as soon as i can long-story,, oh, I am *LOVING!!!!!!! your Blog S000000 Much Elinor,,,, & P.S. U have the *PERFECT Body for all these under garments U hear me girl? Kelly 🙂

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  4. I love my rago 6210 and 1294 girdles I’m a 5th war old male 6ft 180 pounds 34″waist wear them everyday 18hrs. Rago does a poor job of advertising and listing these girdles as suitable support wear for men.

  5. For me its Rago Firm Hi Waist Leg Shaper (6209) or Extra Firm Control Leg Shaper(s)
    (6207). They are so comfortable and I love the feeling of constraint around tummy and derrier. I actually feel that the 6209 is firmer than the 6207, but……. The split gusset allows me to pee if I’m out and about.

    Thanks so much Elinor

  6. Ha. You mentioned that you enjoy the swishing sounds and that it made you feel sexy. I don’t hear much about this from other women, but I feel that same way and I know exactly what you mean. I’m more of an OBG person and the swishing feeling and sounds from my stockings or pantyhose make me feel sexy and feminine all day long. It really helps with those long and boring days at the office.

  7. You look great Elinor, it must be getting pretty hot in Sydney now, don’t you over heat with these foundations on?

    Love your blog, it so informative and fun to read, keep up the awesome job 🙂


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