Cheap stockings for frequent wearers

Hi Elinor,

I have a question about stockings. I’m a mother of two little daughters and its not easy to wear my stockings (What Katie Did retro seamed or Gio fully fashioned) more then 2-3 times. Sometimes I already have a run after just 1 time. Can you advise me in a more durable stocking? Because now its getting a bit expensive…

Thank you



1328474375-17348900Hi Chantal,

I absolutely understand your problem, one of the things that puts a lot of women off wearing stockings is the cost so I think this is a useful question for everyone.

So first of all I’m going to say that as lovely and luxurious as Gios are, they are not strong at all. I often comment to my partner when opening a new pair of Gios that they will probably get snags from just taking them out of the pack.

I’m guessing from the stockings that you mentioned in your question, that you are a fan of a seam up the back of each leg.

Prices are in Euros because I know that you are from Europe but different currencies are available on the website.

Eleganti RHT stockings – SEAMED – RARE – SECONDS – 7.59 Euros – These are seamed RHT nylons so if you’re after a similar feeling to your Gios, these could work but please note that they are also fragile.

Fiore Marlena seamed stockings with concentric top band – 4.15 Euros

Gipsy 1055 Cuban Heel seamed stockings – 5.74 Euros

Silky Scarlet Seamer seamed stockings – 4.45 Euros

Cette Berlin point heel seamed stockings – 8.36 Euros

However, if you don’t mind not having seams, there are some super cheap seamless stockings available that I wear a lot (to my boyfriends disgust), they last ages.

Silky Smooth Knit stockings – 1.77 Euros

Silky Super Shine plain top stockings – 2.87 Euros

Pretty Polly Everyday Plus Soft Shine stockings – 3.19 Euros

Couture 100% nylon sheer stretch stockings – 3.82 Euros

Cindy 15 denier everyday sheer stockings – 1.66 Euros

Levante Vanessa diamond top stockings – 7.59 Euros – These are absolutely amazing and long lasting!

I hope this helps 🙂



5 thoughts on “Cheap stockings for frequent wearers

  1. Good day, elinor. This was on of the best questions ever! Thanks for providing links to so many options. Can I add in one odd suggestion to the list? As a Canadian, I still enjoy wear my retro styled clothes in winter but need something more hearty on my legs… Sick Dreams out of Portland Oregon sells many many styles of thick plain and patterned stockings that are perfect for ladies who refuse to wear full tights just because it’s sub zero…

    Thanks again for being so awesome!

  2. Hi Elinor,

    Thanks so much for the help again!
    Thats a nice list i can try 🙂

    Yes i like a seam on the back, but i dont like it when its obvious made. The WKD retro seamed ones are ok, but i love the look of the Gios more.

    Wow a pair for under 2 euros! And you made me curious for the Levantes aswell so gonna try those and a few others. Will let you know once tried. Im looking forward to it.


  3. I actually find that RHT stockings are the best of both worlds, super durable, but also a lot more comfortable and much nicer than the more modern equivalent – I can usually wear & wash one pair for several weeks before they start to look a little shabby

  4. I don’t know whether they’re available in Europe, but I’m a big fan of Berkshire’s “Sexyhose” for an everyday stocking. I usually get them for $9 (US) per pair if I buy three pairs in the same shade, and they last well. No seam in the back, but a pretty lace top makes them live up to their name. For something different, try the Red Lacquer shade!

  5. if you’re looking for something elegant yet durable and RHT’s work for you, consider trying RHT45’s from stockingirl dot com (in the US). They’re my “go to” stockings and I have both black and coffee pairs that I’ve worn for over a year. 15 den, slight shine, “crisp” feel

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