Nude stockings are NOT just for your granny!

When  I started on my ‘underwear journey’, my partner was very happy to buy me stockings, which of course made us both very happy. However, he would always ask me which colour I wanted, probably in the hope that since the last time he had asked me, I had become more open minded about trying out new colours, other than black. I only wanted black stockings, because in my opinion they were modern and sexy and ‘who wears nudes in their 20s anyway?’ I therefore ended up with piles of black stockings, which was great, until…he bought me some of these:

untitled shoot-7583

untitled shoot-7593

untitled shoot-7575

untitled shoot-7778These beauties are from Touchable and are Havana heeled fully-fashion nudes. Of all the newly made nude stockings that I have owned, these are by far my favourite and I only wear them on special occasions. Some people might think that wearing nudes is a waste of money as they aren’t as visible as other colours, but the truth is that legs generally look better wrapped in hosiery.  You might not agree but in my opinion, the skin on my legs looks pretty flawless in those stockings. My skin is actually covered in little scars, darker or lighter patches and horrible looking veins. Wearing nude stockings for me is like…getting my legs photoshopped but in real life.

If you are somebody that likes to dress in vintage clothes or as close to the vintage look as possible, it is worth noting that women didn’t wear black stockings during the day, they only wore nudes. Black stockings were saved for evening wear.

1950s 8 ladies by tail DC7

All these ladies are wearing nudes and they look fantastic!

Black stockings aren’t always appropriate with an outfit, and if you have a cute little summer dress in summer colours, pairing it with a pair of black stockings is just going to ruin the outfit. Get some nudes and see what a difference it makes to your legs and outfit!

If you would like to try some nude stockings for yourself, I would recommend a few brands, click on the links to be taken directly to the stockings.

Cheap daily stockings – not nylons:



There are of course some other beautiful colours that you should check out, such as bronze and grey.


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