Which size should I buy??


Thank you so much for this blog! Your article about being new to shapewear helped me a lot. My question is this: My measurements do not correspond with Rago’s size chart (38 waist, 41 hips). The closest size would be the 4XL with a 38 waist, 48 hips, or the next size up. First, I’ve never been categorized as a 4XL so that alone is daunting. Second, none of these sizes fit me.

What to do?

Sincerely, Liz


Hi Liz,

Thanks for this question.

I’m not sure which Rago item you’re keen on buying but I’m assuming that you’re looking for something like a longline girdle or corselette? If this is the case I would recommend going for a matched pair of items – With your measurements, I would avoid buying anything that requires your waist measurements to align with your hips.

For example, if you’re keen on the look of the 9357 corselette, try pairing the 2202 bra with the 1359 girdle. By choosing a shorter girdle the important aspect of the fit is the hips rather than the waist. I am not sure of the length of your torso, but you ideally want to have a decent sized gap or a good overlap between the waist of the girdle and the band of the long line to prevent pinching. I would avoid firm, long and especially firm and long girdles such as the 6210 and 1294 as these don’t have much stretch and thus suit those with a larger waist/hip size difference.


1359MdWhtF-01The other alternative would be to go for less firm items, and select ones with a lot more stretch in them. In this case I would go with your waist measurement or the size up so that it fits slightly tightly around your hips but isn’t too loose around your waist (this will prevent muffin tops above the girdle). Something short would work well too. I would recommend trying something like the 8355 girdle, in the size closest to your waist (so in this case it would be the XL).


And lastly, don’t be afraid to buy the right size for your body, even if it is a 4XL. It is important to get the right size, otherwise it won’t work. I sometimes cut labels off my clothes if I don’t want to be reminded of it.


One thought on “Which size should I buy??

  1. Thanks so much for your answer! I went ahead and bought the 6226 in size 4XL with medium shaping. I wanted the back support without garters. I haven’t received it yet but I’m looking forward to its arrival with bated breath. I’m so excited to slip into tight embrace.
    I will definitely check out the items that you have suggested. Keep up the great work. I couldn’t have taken my first step without you! Shall I keep you updated?

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