Modern fan-laced girdles…do they exist?


Love the site. And I love the retro girdles. I am attracted the bulkier styles, such as the fan-lace girdles, which I am keen to buy and wear.

My question is, how do they work under form fitting dresses? Do you wear a slip to stop the bits and bibs showing though? On a related issue, can you still buy them new from anywhere?

Best wishes,


Hi Ann!

Yes you can buy modern fan-laced girdles, they aren’t as beautiful as the vintage ones (see above) but they are effectively the same thing, I have included some links below:

Lace up open bottom girdle



Front lace style corset girdle


I don’t wear a slip with mine because I don’t tend to wear tight fitting clothes made of material that will show up all the lumps and bumps that these beautiful girdles will inevitably create. When women would have been wearing these styles in the early to mid-twentieth century, they wouldn’t have worn form fitting clothes as some women do today. I would recommend wearing something made of thick fabric over these girdles, or layers.

For me, this style of girdle is one of the most beautiful and cleverly engineered piece of underwear ever created and I’m very sad that their production is … well almost non-existent. I’m glad that other ladies love them too.

If you would like to read more about this style of girdle, check out the amazing Ivy Leaf’s website.


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