Choosing a good suspender belt

If you are new to the wonderful world of vintage inspired foundations, it is very easy to be lured in by unsuitable underwear. For ladies who wear or wish to wear good foundations on a regular basis, it is essential that you choose the right suspension, or your stockings will end up around your ankles or your suspender belt will cut into your body, causing lumps and bumps that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

As always, I want everyone to enjoy wearing their foundations and suspension so I have provided a list of things that you should look for when choosing a new suspender belt.

  • Thick straps – One of the most common complains that women have about suspender belts is that they don’t hold up their stockings very well. Half the reason for this is that the straps are not strong enough, are too stretchy and just cannot support the weight and pull of the hosiery. Regardless of your body shape, weight and type of garment, it is essential that you have at least six thick straps to hold up your stockings, of course the more straps you have, the most secure your stockings will be.

No good:


(Obviously you can ignore the number of straps, but just note the strap thickness)

  • Metal clips – There are some stunning pieces of underwear on the market that make me go weak at the knees…and then I see the plastic clips and it just ruins the whole piece… All I can say is, don’t be tempted by them, they are neither strong nor reliable and will ping open when you least expect it, plus they are quite ugly in my opinion.

No good:




  • Structured garments – The idea of suspender belts and other shapewear is not to create lumps under your clothes, it is to smooth you out often whilst holding up a pair of stockings. These pieces of foundation wear therefore need to be well constructed, that means strong fabric, strong stitching, panelling and structure. One flimsy piece of lace is going to be about as helpful as wearing spaghetti to hold your stockings up.

No good:


  • Deep belt – There is absolutely no benefit to wearing a thin suspender belt, it will cut you your hips in half regardless of how thin you are. A deeper belt will hold your tummy in and smooth out your hips; ideally the top of the belt should sit on your hip dip and the bottom of the belt should level with the top of your thighs (front not back).

No good:


There are of course other little things that you may want to look for, but these are the most important aspects to look for.


4 thoughts on “Choosing a good suspender belt

  1. Thank U Elinor,, for your Blog I am just now…in the middle of buying some-sort of under garment to wear that will hold up any stockings that I,ll be wearing I,m still not sure? what yet…there are a few types to choose from of course I *LOVE them…… ( * ALL ) lol but for now…i will hav 2 pick 1,, so its going to be?? either a suspender belt or??? maybe? a long…girdle to tuck-in some of my tummy I do..also want to buy a corset too,,,but-? that I need more help & i should also learn more on how to buy the right size & know how to tie-up the laces from the back & right now its just me & I,m still in the closet as a Cross dresser I,m *Loving your blog,, S000 much,,, Kelly I cant wait to buy,,,, either the belt or girdle!!!!! 🙂 I will buy either later on tonight or…tomorrow thanx Kelly

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