Office appropriate underwear


I have recently started working for a different company in the city, and the ‘uniform’ is a lot stricter than my last job. I previously wore anything I wanted, which usually consisted of a circle skirt, a cardigan and thick belt, or something similar. My new job is a lot more corporate and requires a suit or a work dress.

Initially, when I went shopping for the appropriate clothing, I had a bit of a panic. The skirts and dresses that I was looking at were really short compared to what I’m used to, I don’t usually wear anything shorter than just below the knee. Everything sat just above the knee or mid-thigh, well, on a ‘normal’ sized woman that is, not a 5’11” woman, i.e. me. I thought I was going to be wearing trousers from Monday to Friday, until I found a shop that sold the right length skirts and work dresses.

The next thing to think about was underwear, what was I going to wear with this clothing? Could I wear seams? Would a bullet bra look strange under a shirt? I haven’t had to change much, but I there have definitely been been some adjustments.


Sometimes my skirts ride up, so I have to wear longer stockings than I would usually choose, to avoid the embarrassment of my stocking tops peeking out – I should add that I had a meeting with the CEO during my first week, I swivelled around in my chair and caught my skirt on something, revealing my stocking tops; luckily he’s a classy guy and ignored it.

The other aspect of stockings that I needed to consider was the seam, i.e.. did I want to wear one or not. I work in IT (yeah, I don’t know how that happened either), and the number of women in the office is, well minimal compared to the number of men. It is therefore important for me to not dress too provocatively, mainly because I want to be respected in the workplace, and not perved on.

So what did I do? I did two things, I chose to wear a certain length and style of stocking to work, and saved my seamed stockings for weekday evenings and weekends. I have decided to wear stretchy (not nylon) stockings in nude or grey, and long black non-seamed RHTs (reinforced heels and toes) from Touchable.

My favourite stretchy stockings are, Levante Vanessa diamond top stockings, Cervin nymphe stockings, Cindy and Silky stockings (both in nude)- I buy these in the largest size available, as they stretch a little, I can get away with shorter stockings than I can with nylons.


With regards to real nylon stockings, we usually purchase RHTs from Touchable – we always buy them in XL (5’6″ to 6′).


The second thing I had to think about was which suspension would work best with my chosen stockings.

When I’m wearing the stretch stockings, they tend to come up shorter on my thighs than the RHTs do, so I usually wear a girdle as the straps come down lower and meet the stocking tops at the right place. Any short girdle will usually do, and remember that they should be worn low, over the bum.


When I’m wearing my long nylons, I tend to wear something with straps that finish a bit higher up my leg, so a longline girdle such as the Rago 1294 or alternatively a 14 strap suspender belt with adjustable straps such as this Stockings HQ beauty.


As much as I love my What Katie Did bullet bras, I just can’t wear them to work, it would attract the wrong type of attention; but at the same time I refuse to wear underwired t-shirt bras. Instead of the full on point, I have chosen to stick with my three piece cup target bras or the Rago 2202 longline. These provide sufficient support, while being comfortable and still create a slight point.


I hope this helps women who wish to wear the good stuff to the office!

Of course I sometimes make mistakes…

One morning a few weeks ago, I was in a hurry and grabbed the first pair of black nylons I could see. I threw them on and ran to the bus stop; it was only once I had sat down on the bus that I realised I was wearing black fully-fashioned point heeled stockings… I won’t lie, there were a few sideway glances at my legs, and I will be paying more attention to the stockings I choose in the future 😉 Here is the evidence….Oops.



6 thoughts on “Office appropriate underwear

  1. It’s such a shame that you feel you have to dress differently in the office to in “real life”, sure I can understand the dress-suits (I have one, but have worn it twice so far), but I don’t see the reasoning behind leaving the seams at home – legs are legs and will get looked at either way, it is not up to us (women) to dress in a way to prevent men from giving unwanted attention; but is instead up to them (men) to be mature and appropriate as per the situation.

    • Yes I agree, unfortunately having already worked in a male dominated office, I know that men are not able to control themselves. If there’s a seam up the back of the legs, that means stockings and that means she’s trying to be sexy. No. I have previously been groped at work by male colleagues and it’s not something that I want to repeat so I’m happy with my decision.

  2. For your skirt, you can choose some long pencil skirt. No problem after that with stocking welt.

    Be feminine, because IT men seems to be geek, far from the fashion stylish men.

    • Yes but I do not like all long pencil skirt styles and in Australia the shops are not exactly to my taste. I choose not to be overly sexy or feminine in the office because I know what it’s like to work in a male dominated office and have learned from previous mistakes. Being groped by guys or treated differently is not what I’m looking for so I’m happy with my decision to wear what I’m wearing.

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