White shapewear and cockatoos



I had been resistant to the idea of wearing white underwear for a long time. Up until this year, I owned a white bra for the sole purpose of wearing it under a white top, other than that, my underwear was predominantly black with the odd peach item. I didn’t see white underwear as being sexy, attractive or ‘young’; I associated the colour with older ladies and had completely dismissed it.

Rago Shapewear were kind enough to offer me some samples of their amazing pieces, and my partner immediately suggested that I should try some more white underwear. So I asked Rago for a few white girdles and the 2202 longline bra, which I am a huge fan of (it does wonders for my waist!).

One of the reasons that I have come to love white shape wear is because their structure is a lot more visible, which is less true of black garments. I geek out to girdle and bra structures so to be able to see every piece of fabric, each panel and every stitch is important to me.

Historically, black underwear is a modern phenomenon, women in the very early 20th century until about the 60s would generally wear white, cream or peach underwear, black girdles became a lot more popular in the 60s and 70s after the lighter colours fell out of fashion. I adore the photos of women of the 40s and 50s, modelling their Spirella or Berlei girdles, all in white, and want to try to emulate these images as much as possible in my own underwear wardrobe.

The below shoot is something that I have wanted to do with the white underwear for a while now. I live around the corner from a really pretty park, in which lives a large number of cockatoos. I can’t get enough of these beautiful birds, and to have access to them in the way that I do is incredible. A few months ago, I was riding my bike through the park and noticed a man sat on the grass, surrounded by cockatoos. I was completely amazed at what I was seeing (the closest I have come to feeding birds out if my hands is at Trafalgar square, when I was little and the birds were disease ridden pidgins, so not quite the same thing). I went to the park the following weekend with some bird seed, and assumed that I would have to wait weeks before the birds would come anywhere near me. No, after about ten minutes of waiting and shaking the bird food around, a flock of about thirty cockatoos descended upon me and I have been going back there to play with them ever since!

I dragged my partner to the cockatoo park yesterday morning and insisted that he should photograph me in my white Rago underwear. Although willing to photograph me in the park, he was slightly concerned about the fact that I would be standing around in my underwear, in broad daylight. Well, I didn’t get arrested and some tourists took some photos go me posing with the cockatoos, so I have no idea where those photos are going to end up…




























If you have ever played with a cockatoo, you will know that they are little trouble-makers (which I love); they fight with each other constantly, are incredibly loud, they bite (gently most of the time) for attention, will climb up your arms and legs and sit on your head just for the hell of it. I have added some funny outtakes from the cockatoo shoot, because they make me laugh.





Yeah, they got a bit bitey in this last photo…

What I was wearing:

Bra – Rago 2202

Girdle – Rago 6210 (full review can be found here)

Stockings – Vintage nylons (By the way, despite the cockatoos climbing up my legs wight heir sharp claws, they didn’t manage to snag these nylons once)

Dress – Hell Bunny


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