Silk stockings

Greetings Elinor,

I am a gentleman who has long loved the fashions of the 40s and 50s, from the colours in the prints of 50s circle skirts and Hawaiian shirts, to the tilt of the broad rim of a classic fedora.  A stocking afficianado, and a lover of the women who choose to wear them, I have delighted looking at and reading your blog. 

So here’s a question, you love the look and feel of a fully-fashioned nylon stocking, but have you ever worn genuine vintage silk stockings and how do they compare?

Best wishes,




Thanks for your question, it’s nice to hear from a gentleman who appreciates mid 20th century styles 🙂

A few months ago, my partner showed me some vintage stockings that he had previously bought; in his collection he had some silk stockings. All of these stockings had previously belonged to a little old lady who was clearly about half my size and height so I haven’t been able to try them on I’m afraid. I didn’t really want to damage them so I didn’t even try them on my feet.

I would love to try to try some silk stockings but I don’t own any in my size at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Silk stockings

  1. I have wanted to get a pair for my wife…but more than $100 dollars a pop? One wrong move and there goes a bill faster than at the Casino! LOL Maybe one of these days that long lost uncle will leave me a ton and will splurge. 🙂

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