Suspender bumps no more


I am wondering what undergarments are best for a tight pencil skirt or dress. Every time I put on one of these outfits I get unsightly bumps around my hip/thigh area (read: love handles) even when I wear my WKD Glamour girdle and a slip. I would love to be able to feel confident and beautiful in these outfits! Thanks so much in advance.


Hello Felicia!

Well firstly, they are not unsightly bumps!!! I take offence to that comment! I’m kidding, I just love my suspender clips to show up 😉

It obviously depends on how tight your skirts or dresses are, but there are several options that will help you to prevent these bumps from showing up quite so much. Anything you wear with suspender straps will create bumps to a certain degree, but there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, there are some pieces of underwear that you can choose to wear that will help reduce the visibility of those bumps. Rago does a very good panty girdle, style 6210 which has the clips inside the legs of the girdle, this makes them a lot less obvious as the firm material presses the clips down.



Panty girdles come in various forms, either like the Rago above or as a corselette, both would work. They might not be your idea of sexy but they are so comfortable and they also prevent my thighs from rubbing together when I’m wearing tight skirts, which is always a bonus.

Secondly, you can twist the suspender straps around and clip them back to front – This will only work with longer straps, and not girdles. It will create a little twist bump against your leg but depending on the garment, may flatten out.

Another suggestion would be to wear patterned skirts, which would make the bumps less visually obvious, although the bumps will still be there if someone touched your legs.

Finally, I don’t know which slip you’re wearing under your skirts but if it is not very thick, try a thicker one. In my opinion, slips won’t hide much but they can certainly help.

Personally, I think you should embrace the bumps and go with it!







4 thoughts on “Suspender bumps no more

  1. My wife and I love it when her garter bumps (suspender bumps) show. In fact we try to figure out ways to emphasize them especially when wearing tight jeans. In reality most people don’t notice them and probably don’t have a clue what they are. There used to be a source for real metal clips in a fairly large size that my wife uses to replace the plastic clips that came with some of her girdles and they really helped make her ‘bumps’ stand out. Sadly, the source dried up during the recent economic recession.

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