Sexy lingerie – Men vs. Women

Ladies, how many times have you asked a man what sort of lingerie they like and they have replied with something along the lines of ‘I like anything red’, ‘less is more’ or ‘something small and sexy’?

thinking man.001

Don’t get me wrong, I know of a few men (my partner included) who find ‘average’ sexy high street brands tacky, but they are few and far between.

The guys I’m talking about are the ones who like the ‘glamour’ look, the typical ‘sexy’ image. They like the women with the slim bodies, wrapped in some form of lacy contraption parading as lingerie. Google ‘sexy lingerie’ right now and you will see exactly what I’m talking about – The motto seems to be ‘less is more’.  Here’s what I mean:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.21.20 pm

There is absolutely nothing wrong with men liking women in this style of underwear, or even women enjoying wearing it. My problem is that a lot of women feel pressured into wearing this lingerie to appeal to their partners, when it often ends up making them feeling self-conscious about their bodies. I speak from experience, in the past, ex-boyfriends have requested to see me in some sexy lingerie. To be honest, when I dressed up in this style, I made sure the lights were dimmed and that I strategically placed my hands over my exposed and bulging hips and tummy. I did not feel sexy at all, and I’m pretty sure that I did not look like the model on the website, where I bought the lingerie from.

I’m a UK size 14 to 16, and I can guarantee that if I were to go up to any guy and ask him what sort of lingerie he would put me in, and he had the choice between image A and image B, he would choose image A, despite me being curvy.

Option A

Image A (Deanna Bindz Girdle Dress with Garters)

Image B

Image B

The truth is, that although the lady in image A looks lovely (depending on your taste in underwear), I would look completely different in that ensemble. Let’s call the lady from image A, ‘Angela’. Angela has a very toned body, her stomach is flat, she has smooth thighs and perky breasts. All those bits of string appear to sit beautifully on Angela’s body. Although the lady from image B has a very slender body, I guarantee that if if I wore some similar underwear, I would look much better than I would in Angela’s get up. In fact, here’s a preview of what I would look like in Angela’s underwear:


I’m not ashamed to be a UK size 14-16, I just know that that sort of lingerie is not going to flatter my body. I’ve tried it, more than a few times, from different brands and it just ends up making me dislike my body. Wearing flattering underwear has helped me to love my body for what it is, rather than pretending that it’s something else.

So vintage loving ladies, it’s about time we showed men which underwear is more suitable for us ladies with a few more inches around our thighs, tummies and bums. I have listed some underwear that I think is sexy but also flattering, let me know what you think.

1. Dottie’s Delights – Bricolage longline black lace bra & Brickolage black lace garter belt

Mosh looks seriously glamorous and sexy without getting everything out, and I need this set, so much.


2. Secrets in Lace – Bettie leopard bullet bra & Bettie girdle with zipper

If leopard print is your kind of sexy, why not add a touch of class and keep your tummy strapped under this strong girdle and matching bullet bra. Not only will it flatten out your problem areas, but it will also emphasise your hips in a very flattering manner. For an example of a girl with beautiful hips wearing this look, check out Miss Victory Violet’s pictures here!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.05.44 pm

3. What Katie Did – Glamour Merry Widow

If you’re after a a little more coverage, this Merry Widow is incredibly sexy as well as well structured. I actually recommend any of the items in the Glamour range as they are both pretty and sexy, but they will also hold in your tummy and cinch your waist.


4. Secrets in Lace – Coquette sheer bullet bra

If you’re feeling daring, try out a sheer bullet bra. This style of bra will make your breasts look and feel amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.38.48 pm

5. Rago Shapewear – Style 2107

Waist cinchers, they are miracle workers for us ladies with tummies and big hips. Cinchers will pull in your waist and tummy, giving you a beautiful hourglass figure, just like a stretchy corset!


So next time your partner offers to buy you some sexy lingerie, why not consider steering him towards something that will make you feel sexy, after all when you feel sexy and confident, you will looks even sexier!



8 thoughts on “Sexy lingerie – Men vs. Women

  1. Love this post! So very true! One thing I especially dislike about “sexy” underthings is this need to get something akin to a full brazillian to even go near them! And I don’t know who decided anything that involves string anywhere was a good idea! I am always excited to find sexy undies that offer more a little more class and coverage… nothing wrong with a bit of mystery 🙂

  2. underwear should not “show” it should be flattering to the wearer if it “might be seen” and the woman must feel confident and feminine while wearing it… there is nothing wrong with shapewear, big knickers, bridget jones pants or granny pants. Shapewear is photoshop for real life and real women. Yes, I love it!

    Skimpy stuff is not even for teenagers. And, in my small experience most girls/woman feel less than attractive while wearing. Even, mostly embarrassed

  3. I think the allure of the “sexy” lingerie is the lower price point and ease of access. The classier lingerie tend to be more expensive (due to amount of work) and requires a little more digging on the internet. Just for the sake of argument, I think you would’ve rocked a babydoll or teddy from the “sexy” lingeries if you wanted to. I have to agree, however, that the classier lingerie are normally better quality. They fit better, with better texture, and much more unique. Thanks for including a variety of classy lingerie companies. I’m gonna check them out! 😀

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