Which Rago should I choose?

Hello Elinor! 

I have recently decided to delve deeper into lingerie, and I’ve become completely enamored with the vintage shape and style. After doing some research, I’m thinking of getting either the 2107 (I feel like this one would cinch well, but I’m afraid that it doesn’t have a lot of coverage) or 1294 (I like the amount of coverage this one has, but I don’t know about its cinching capabilities) from Rago. Another problem is that i have a 32” waist and a 40” hip, and I have no idea whether to get it in a large or extra large. I’d  like to get  a cinching AND smoothing effect rather than just a smoothing one or vice versa. Which size/style would you recommend? Or do you have another idea all together?

Thank you for running such a wonderful blog!

Hi Elizabeth!

Thanks for your question.

If you’re looking for strong shapewear, you’re certainly on the right path. Styles 2107 and 1294 are both great for cinching and smoothing out problem areas, but I would say that of the two, I would favour the 1294. The 1294 is long, and like you said, it has a lot of coverage, and you would be surprised at how well it cinches the waist. This is one of my favourite girdles and I always feel great when I wear it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.32.09 pm

The 2107 is really great but my one criticism of this piece is that it has detachable straps, which means that the straps can come undone or if you decide to wear it without the straps, depending on your body shape it could roll up (as it has nothing to hold it down if it’s not attached to stockings).


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.31.51 pm

Another great option from Rago is the style 9357 which is a corselette – It is very similar to the 1294 but has a bra incorporated into it. This cinches and smoothes out the body very well and it’s very comfortable.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.31.34 pm

To be honest, I think you would probably be happy with any of those pieces!

Let me know how you go.



2 thoughts on “Which Rago should I choose?

  1. I would suggest the RAGO Style 6210 – High Waist Half Leg Extra Firm Shaping in black with black fully fashioned stockings en long black sheer gloves

  2. Hey! I’ve been interested in the 9357 myself but totally unsure of what size to get since my measurements are 36-25-38. My problem area is definitely my hips, and I want to avoid that bulging out if at all possible, but with the small waist, I’m not at all sure what size to go with! My bra size is a 30F. Thanks =)

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