Bullet bras from What Katie Did

From the very start of my love affair with vintage lingerie, bullet bras have been one of my favourite pieces.

I have never liked the way underwired bras sit on my ribs and the shape of the moulded cup is just not attractive to me. When my partner first showed me some images of women in the ‘sweater girl’ style, I was honestly a little intimidated, and envious at the same time, I never imagined that I would have the confidence to wear such an ‘outrageous’ shaped bra!

If you want to try out a bullet bra but don’t know which one to go for, there are three styles, or levels of ‘bullet’ – There is what I call the ‘sharp point’, ‘soft bullet’ and the ‘cone’.

Padded Bullet Bra

The first style is a made of a padded cup that is folded in such a way that it creates a sharp point. This is an extreme look that I wouldn’t advise vintage underwear newbies to start with, they take some warming up to.










Cabaret Bullet Bra

The less extreme option is the soft, non-padded version. This will not create such a pointy effect under your clothes as the previous style, especially if you are wearing a tight-fitting top. However if you do want to make the shape more defined you can add bullet bra pads. This is probably my favourite bra of all time and I would recommend it to newbies and experienced vintage wearers alike.







Cone Bra

The least extreme of the three is the cone bra. This is the most similar to modern day bra shapes, yet still creates a subtle ‘sweater girl’ effect. Again, if you want to emphasise the bullet shape, pop a couple of pads into your bra!






If you like any of these bras, stay tuned for reviews of all three of these styles, or check them out at www.whatkatiedid.com

I was also wearing the Morticia corset, Cabaret girdle and fully-fashioned stockings, all by What Katie Did


5 thoughts on “Bullet bras from What Katie Did

  1. I recently bought my first bullet bra. It is similar to the cabaret, but I got mine from Secrets in Lace. About a week later I bought another one from Secrets in Lace from their Bettie Page collection. I also was extremely intimidated and lacked the confidence to pull it off, but I have somehow managed to find some confidence to at least try them out!

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