Help! My suspender straps are wrapping themselves around my legs!

Hi Elinor!

I have submitted a question before, so I hope it’s okay to submit another because I need help! I have worn six strap suspenders for ages but through your blog I was acquainted with stockings HQ and I decided to try eight straps. I bought a cleopatra suspended belt and it is constantly shifting. No matter what I do, after five minutes of movement, the very front straps are wrapped/pulled to my inner thigh and my stockings are shifting on my leg. Does that make sense? Ive never had this happen before and It is driving me batty! I assumed more straps would mean more security and no strap travelling, but this is insane. Do you have any advice? I had been wanting to try more straps but am now rethinking that plan…  Is there something I can do to keep the straps more stable to their intended position?

Thank you, and have a delightfully Merry Christmas!!


Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.53.07 pm

Hi Tanda,

First of all, you are welcome to ask me as many questions as you need to, I am always happy to help.

This is a very strange thing to happen and I don’t think I have ever experienced this problem before. The only thing that I can think of is that either your suspender belt or your stockings or both are too big for you. I find that with the Stockings HQ belts, I always need to size down, although I have a large pair of hips, I tend to go for the medium for exactly this reason.

I would first of all recommend that you adjust the straps to make them a lot shorter, this should prevent you having extra straps to move around. This should also prevent the stockings from shifting around too as they will be pulled taut.

It’s a shame that this experience is making you rethink trying belts with lots of straps because I think they are extremely comfortable. Just try what I have suggested and let me know if it makes any difference. If you are able to, you might want to swap it for a smaller size.

Sorry that I can’t more helpful.


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