The new forum is live!

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For the last few months I have been thinking a lot about creating a forum where women (and well behaved men) can discuss shapewear and stockings. I wanted it to be a safe environment where people could learn about sizing, fit, style, where to buy items, recommendations, reviews, post photos, chat about vintage and new items and maybe even make friends! All women deserve to feel beautiful and I think that this type of underwear and hosiery helps to achieve that feeling, so I felt that it would be a great idea to put together an forum where people with a common interest could get together and chat.

I have created a few boards and a some threads in each of them to get the conversation started but please feel free to create your own threads and reply as many times as you want to threads created by others, always in a respectful manner of course. If you would like me to create a new board or if you are too shy to create your own thread, please feel free to message me at and I can start it for you. Please also contact me if you find anything offensive and want me to consider removing it.

To access the forum, navigate to ‘Forum’ in the menu bar, or save the following link as a bookmark:

Please note that in order to access this forum, you must create an account, and it is FREE!

This is something that will evolve and improve over time so I appreciate your patience while I make tweaks. Let’s make this a great environment where we can share our love of great underwear with each other!




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